Saturday, 2 September 2017

August 2017 weather log

Weather log August 2017

Tuesday 1st, showery, locally torrential downpours with thunder, particularly NW Mids as ever some areas escaped dry and bright!

Sat 5th showery, thunderstorms and large hail in place: torrential downpour Aberystwyth morning gave up to 20mm in an hour (radar- Trawsgoed escaped mostly dry); Coventry and Rugby caught two storms one around midday then 1500 which was quite severe over Coventry, Longford PS had 13mm in 15 minutes while Tony observed 25mm hail at Binley. A rather cool day for many, felt pleasant in the sunshine in Lampeter where it was a mostly dry day (Shobdon 19.3c, Llanwnnen & Pembrey 18.9c, Aberdaron 16.0c). Temperatures dropped very low for an August afternoon in the showers, e.g. 11.3c 1500 Market Bosworth

Sun 6th some sun Midlands, mosly cloudy and cool some rain and drizzle WW (Aberdaron max 14.3c, Mumbles 17.7c, Pershore 20.9c)

Tue 8th showery WW, locally torrential and thundery, possibly waterspouts Cardigan Bay (unverified). Cool to average WW. Midlands very cool/ cool and wet in places, some mainly dry. Two inches for parts of Northants & Notts (Notingham 13.3c max, MH 15.2c, Mumbles 19.5c, Porthmadog 20.7c)

Wed 9th further rain for the Midlands, mainly dry, bright WW. 24 hour totals to 0600: Nottingham 36mm, MH 34mm

Thu 10th chilly night (Swyddfynnon 2.6c, Tirabad 3.8c, Trawsgoed 4.4c, Llanwnnen 5.2c, Coton-in-the-Elms 6.1c, Wellesbourne 6.6c, CL 7.0c, Valley 12.6c). Nice day, dry with sunny periods, cool to average (Hereford 22.8c, Mumbles 20.4c; Aberdaron 12.2 hrs)

Sat 19th cool, rather windy with some showers (CC max 15.6c, Valley 18.0c, Shobdon 17.1c, Astwood Bank 19.2c)

Mon 14th Rain at times WW, mostly dry Midlands (Pembrey 25mm, Coventry 21.9c)

Tue 15th heavy showers, local torrential downpours, Trawsgoed 30mm wettest in UK, Shawbury 19mm

Fri 18th showery, thunder and hail in places as Coventry 1300, Rugby 1330

Sun 20th cool damp WW and Marches, nearer average some sun Midlands damp later (Aberdaron 14.7c max, Trawsgoed 16.9c, Shobdon 18.0c, Pershore College 20.8c)

Mon 21st mild to warm night (min Pembrey 15.9c, Shawbury & Hereford 13.7c, CC 9.3c)

Tue 22nd limited sunshine but warmest day for over a month parts of WW such as Llanwnnen (max 24.3c warmest since July 18th 25.9c). Porthmadog 24.9c, Winterbourne 24.1c, MH & Northampton 20.6c; Aberporth 4.4 hrs.

Sat 26th rather warm with sunny periods (Aberporth sunniest in UK 11.8 hrs, Astwood Bank 24.4c)

Sun 27th generally warm to very warm plenty of sun Midlands and S Wales, cloud eventually cleared WW too. Llanwnnen in spite of cloud to 1500 reached 25.2c highest reading of the month (Pershore 25.7c, Trawsgoed 23.2c, Aberdaron 17.5c)

Bank Holiday Mon 28th very warm sunny periods Midlands, rather cloudy cooler WW (Wellesbourne 27.7c, Hereford 26.9c, CL 26.7c, Mumbles 21.3c, Aberdaron 18.1c)

Tue 29th mild night but a much cooler day, equal coolest day of the month Llanwnnen max 15.6c (Swyddfynnon 15.0c, Shawbury 16.6c, Mumbles & Nottingham 18.5c)

Wed 30th very cool and damp East Midlands, sunny spells rather cool to average WW (CL 15.1c, Aberporth 15.8c, Porthmadog 19.5c, Mumbles 18.8c)

Thu 31st cool night close to grass frost locally (air min Llanwnnen & Shobdon 3.3c; grass min Llanwnnen +0.7c, Hereford, Shawbury & Shobdon 1c) but heavy showers too parts of WW (Mumbles 17mm overnight, min 11.6c). Bright day just a few showers and isolated thunder (as near Warwick and Lutterworth). 9.5 hours made it the sunniest day of a dull month at Llanwnnen (Shobdon & Valley 10.1 hrs)

August 2017 summary

Headline: Rather cool and unsettled; mostly dry ending

Rather cool to average temperatures
Dull to average sunshine
Rather dry to rather wet


Valley 58.6mm (84%)
Trawsgoed 115.6mm (113%)
Abermuerig, Ceredigion PWS 84.1mm
Llanwnnen 87.6mm (80%)
Llanelli PWS 61.5mm
Pembrey Sands c. 80mm
MH c. 105mm

Shawbury 61.4mm (103%)
Shobdon 59.6mm (97%)
Bablake 67.2 hrs (107%)
Long Lawford 58.2mm (84%)
Church Lawford 59.0mm (95%)


Valley 175.3 hrs (105%)
Aberporth 142.7 hrs (80%)
Llanwnnen 100 hrs est (61%)

Nottingham 166.4 hrs
Bablake 164.2 hrs (89%)

Summer 2017 summary

Llanwnnen rather wet, dull with near normal temperatures:
Temperature wise no month deviated far from average.
All 3 months disappointingly dull.
June was a wet month, July and August close to average
No dry spell longer than one week.

Rainfall totals:

Valley 268mm
Llanwnnen 311.9mm (112%)
Pembrey 264mm

Shawbury 175mm

Coventry, Bablake 211.4mm (117%)
Long Lawford 170.9mm (96%)
Church Lawford 175.2mm (98%)


Valley 526 hours
Aberporth 480 hrs
Llanwnnen 351 hrs est (70%)

Coventry, Bablake 498.3 hrs (87%)

Nature notes:

Swifts departed end of first week. Still plenty of hirundines month end.