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July 2017 weather log

July 2017 weather log

Average to rather warm start to the month will just a little rain in places:

Wed 5th generally warm to very warm with sunny spells, cooler cloudier Cardigan Bay coasts (Pershore 28.5c, Llanwnnen 26.7c, Trawsgoed 23.0c, Aberporth 18.1c, Nottingham 22.8c)

Thu 6th warm sunny intervals WW, hot sunny spells Midlands, thunderstorms E Mids evening (Pershore 30.1c, Church Lawford 29.9c, Nottingham 27.6c, Llanwnnen 27.0c, Trawsgoed 23.1c, Aberporth 19.1c)

Sat 8th warm sunny intervals (Hereford 25.4c, Llanwnnen 22.7c, Mumbles 21.1)

Sun 9th rather warm WW, very warm sunny spells Midlands (Wellesbourne 27.7c, Coleshill 26.7c, Llanwnnen 23.7c, Pembrey 20.8c, Shobdon 10.1 hrs)

Mon 10th less warm, rather cool parts of WW, some rain or showers about (Pershore 23.0c, Llanwnnen 19.4c, MH 18.4c, Aberdaron 15.5c)

Tue 11th spells of rain and much cooler, locally an inch of rain

Wed 12th sunny WW coasts, elsewhere sunny spells, average to rather warm (Porthmadog 22.1c, Valley 14.1 hrs)

Thu 13th Coleshill 23.2c

Very warm mid month, thunder in places:

Sun 16th warm night (Coventry & Shawbury 17.3c, Mumbles 16.6c, Mona 13.5c)

Mon 17th warm to very warm sunny periods (Pershore 26.8c, Capel Curig 22.5c, Aberporth 18.2c)

Tue 18th isolated thunderstorms after a warm/ very warm day. Saw a flash late evening here from a storm over Aberystwyth. Lightning visible from Cov and Warks from storm 50 miles away over Luton/ MK (Valley 28.3c, Hereford 27.0c, Aberdaron 22.9c)

Wed 19th thunderstorms in places overnight into the morning, especially Swansea, Llandovery, Coventry. Distant rumblings for an hour Llanwnnen from storm crossing Llandovery 09 -10am. Warm sticky night (min Aberporth 17.8c, Pershore 16.4c, Capel Curig 14.7c). Thunderstorms across mid and north Wales afternoon (Capel Curig 24mm by day)

Unsettled and often cool end to the month:

Thu 20th rain night was heavy over parts of the Midlands (Coventry, Bablake 19.2mm, Wyken PWS 31.2mm, Longford PWS 26mm)

Fri 21st cool and wet much of Wales and Marches, rain to rest of Midlands later (Llanwnnen 41mm in 24 hours to 2100; Capel Curig 43mm, Aberdaron 41mm, Pembrey 33mm; max Aberdaron 14.1c, Llanwnnen 15.1c, Coleshill 20.4c)

Sat 22nd a few thundery showers about especially mid and N Wales afternoon

Sun 23rd localised heavy showers in places, some with hail and thunder, funnel cloud spotted Pembrey, Carms mid afternoon (Sutton Bonington, Notts, 18.6mm wettest in UK)

Tue 25th warm sunny spells, sunny in places, isolated showers and thunderstorms pm especially Glos & Worc, 33mm reported from Gloucester on UKWW (Hereford 26.2c warmest in UK, Llanwnnen 23.3c, MH & Trawsgoed 22.2c, Aberdaron 19.5c)

Fri 28th cool;  wet WW, some rain Midlands, parts of S Midlands stayed mostly dry (Aberdaron max 14.8c, Mona 17.6c, Hereford 19.2c; Capel Curig 22mm by day)

Sun 30th cool and showery WW, nearer average fewer showers Midlands, thunder in places such as mid Wales, Notts (Capel Curig max 15.7c, Hereford 20.3c)

July 2017 summary

Changeable: many areas rather wet/ wet; temperatures generally near average
WW generally rather dull, sunshine nearer average Midlands with Anglesey above average
No heatwaves this month!

Here at Llanwnnen July saw average rainfall and temperaures but sunshine was well below normal

Rainfall totals:

Valley 79.4mm (146%)
Aberdaron 100.4mm (179%)
Llanwnnen 103.0mm (101%) = wettest July since 2010 (155.6mm)
Pembrey 99.4mm (133%)
Mumbles 104.6mm (145%)

Shawbury 68.0mm (128%)
Hereford 72.0mm (160%)
Coleshill 68.6mm (140%)

Long Lawford 64.3mm (113%)
Church Lawford 67.0mm (111%)
Coventry, Bablake School 80.2mm (136%)


Valley 194.9 hrs (111%)
Aberporth 165.2 hrs (87%)
Llanwnnen 123 hrs estimated (69%)

Shawbury 160.4 hrs (97%)

Coventry, Bablake 170.5 hrs (85%)

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