Friday, 5 May 2017

Weather log April 2017

April weather log

Mainly dry start to the month:

Fri 7th frost in places, Llanwnnen coldest in UK min -3.4c (Trawsgoed -1.8c, Pershore +1.3c, Valley 8.1c). Rather warm sunny periods for many

Sat 8th widespread frost (Llanwnnen -3.2c, Tirabad -1.9c, Shawbury -0.4c) then a very warm early April day and virtually unbroken sun (Llanwnnen 21.1c, Trawsgoed 20.7c, Pershore 19.7c, Aberdaron 14.9c, Shawbury, Llanwnnen & Valley 12.5 hrs sun). Greatest diurnal range of 24.3c recorded at Llanwnnen (srb 2006)

Sun 9th clouded over and cooled down WW, very warm mostly sunny Midlands (Church Lawford 22.9c, Trawsgoed 17.6c, Aberdaron 11.5c)

Plenty of dry weather still mid month with temps nearer average.

Quite dry even to end the month although some rain or showers; cool spell towards month end with sharp frosts in countryside.

Wintry showers and frosts 25th to 27th, snow showers falling to low ground locally, e.g. reports from B'ham, south Coventry

26th Maxima Capel Curig 6.8c, Shobdon 10.9c, Pembrey 11.2c, minima Tirabad 4.8c (coldest UK) Llanwnnen -4.1c, Trawgoed -3.0c

27th minima Tirabad -5.6c (coldest UK), Llanwnnen -4.8c, Pershore -3.6c

April summary

Very dry with near or slightly above average temperatures

Rainfall totals:

Capel Curig 62.0mm (41%)
Valley 16.6mm (30%)
Trawsgoed 29.6mm (41%)
Llanwnnen 21.3mm (28%)
Aberpoth 18.0mm (34%)
Pembrey Sands 19.6mm (29%)

Shawbury 20.8mm (43%)
Coleshill 23.8mm (47%)
Coventry, Bablake School 26.8mm (51%)
Long Lawford 24.4mm (54%)
Church Lawford 21.4mm (42%)
Hereford 11.6mm (22%)
Pershore 10.2mm (21%)


Valley 117.9 hrs (73%)
Llanwnnen 137 hrs (91%)
Coventry 175.8 hrs (116%)
Shawbury 159.5 hrs (121%)

Nature notes

6th first Willow Warlber cycling Maesycrugiau

11th first pair of Swallow flew over garden

Towards mid month: Plenty of Chiffchaff, few Willow Warbler, plentiful Stitchworth, quite a few Bluebell, Daffs and Celandine largely over

c 16th first possible House Martins not sure - above church
c 17th first Sand Martins heard above garden

Mid to late month plentiful Swallow, Willow Warbler, Blackap, Bluebell, Stitchwort.
Red Campion. Many trees coming into leaf such as Oak, Birch, some Horse Chestnut in full leaf 20th

First Whitethroats heard in Coventry area during past week

Up to 40 Swallow over Wyken Slough late month, possib;e House Martin heard but not identified, no definites all month