Saturday, 1 April 2017

March 2017 weather log

Unsettled start to March became very mild and drier:

Tue 14th very mild excepting some foggy coasts (as Aberystwyth all day). Highs Pershore 16.2c, (Llanwnnen 13.6c, Mumbles 10.1c)

Wed 15th rather warm sunny (Hereford 17.6c, Trawsgoed 16.5c) however still rather cool and misty along some coasts (Milford Haven max 9.3c)

Fri 17th - Sat 18th heavy orographic rainfall Wales, over 100mm locally between Llanddewi Brefi and Strata Florida suggested by radar 24 hours to 1230 (Llanwnnen 20mm)

Sat 18th Pershore max 16.1c mildest in UK, widely above 15c Midlands

Tue 21st start of Spring colder with wintry showers in places, snow for some hills of Wales, lying snow above 400-500m. Max 8.2c during morning sunshine here at Llanwnnen, cloud and showers pm with a little sleet, below 5c after 1300 (Pershore 10.7c, Mumbles 9.2c, Capel Curig 6.6c)

Wed 22nd snow cover visible on distant high ground of Plynlimon and Cader Idris, wettest day of month to date parts of Midlands, as 12.7mm Long Lawford (Hereford 23.2mm)

Thu 23rd rare widespread frost for this month to date (Llanwnnen -4.2c, Trawsgoed -3.2c, Shobdon -2.3c)

Some rather warm and sunny late March weather:

Fri 24th Porthmadog warmest in UK max 16.0c (Llanwnnen 14.1c, Newport, Salop 14.0c). Sunny spells, parts of WW near unbroken sun (Valley 11.1 hrs, Aberporth 11.0, Llanwnnen 10.5hrs)

Sat 25th Porthmadog again one of warmest in UK at 19c (Llanwnnen 17.5c, Milford Haven 17.2c, Aberporth 12.2c, Shawbury 14.9c). Notably low RH today, Llanwnnen WS record low (srb 2013) 30% with almost unbroken sunshine in all areas (widely above 10 hrs)

Mon 27th warm sunny WW, much of Midlands cloudy, misty and cool (Capel Curig 16.9c, Tirabad 8.5c, Nottingham 11.1c, Shobdon 9.1c)

Wet end to the month especially for Wales:

Wed 29th Whitchurch 30.4mm wettest in UK

Thu 30th Capel Curig 46.0mm wettest in UK. Many areas exceptionally mild March night, here at Llanwnnen low of 10.9c mildest in my 12 year record beating 9.5c in 2010. Coventry min 11.8c mildest March night since 1956 (12.0c). Contrasts, rain at times WW where  mild, locally warm Midlands sunny periods and very warm for late March, some places such as Coventry it was the warmest March day since 2012 (Coventry 19.9c, Coleshill 19.4c, Trawsgoed 17.0c, Aberdaron 10.5c)

Nature notes:

Early month: Blackthorn bloom Monmouth then parts of Midlands. Willow leaf burst too locally.

15th rare lovely sunny day for thus far into March, first Chiffchaff singing Maesycrugiau also firdt Peacock butterfly same area

Late March: plentiful stichwort flowers last week, Daffs starting wither. First Bluebell front of house under insulation cladding, quite a few in back garden month end. Horse Chestnut and other tree spp leaf burst, Hawthorn coming into leaf locally.

March summary: very mild and rather wet

Everywhere very mild, parts of Midlands over 2c above average. For many the mildest March since 2012.
Generally wet a few places nearer average. Llanwnnen having 153.9mm the wettest March since 2008 (167.9mm).
Sunshine rather dull to quite sunny. A 4 day sunny spell late month redeemed an otherwise dull month at Llanwnnen where the total ended up closer to average.

Rain totals

Valley 76.0mm (121%)
Llanwnnen 153.9mm (186%)
Aberporth 108.4mm (174%)
Pembrey Sands 115.4mm (147%)
Llanelli PWS 88.6mm

Shawbury 52.0mm (112%)
Coventry, Bablake School 56.4mm (119%)
Long Lawford 54.5mm (126%)
Church Lawford 54.6mm (122%)
Dunchurch PWS 42.2mm
Daventry PWS 43.9mm


Valley 109.6 hrs (96%)
Llanwnnen 82 hours (88%)
Aberporth 96.2 hrs (82%)

Shawbury 121.1 hrs (126%)
Coventry, Bablake School 131.4mm (114%)

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