Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January 2017 weather log

Pertinent daily weather log

Sun 1st rather cold and wet cleared WW morning, sleet and snow for high ground fell to quite low levels parts of Midlands, afternoon temperatures widely below 4c. A covering of snow for some hills of Wales above 400m.

Tue 3rd frost locally quite severe (Llanwnnen -6.7c, Pershore -5.4c, Swyddffynnon -5.2c)

Thu 12th colder, sleet or snow fell for a time in many places, slight accumulations some hills above about 300m. Thunder at Llanwnnen during evening hail and snow showers

Fri 13th wintry showers, slight coverings of snow or hail in many places, more substantials accumulations some high ground, reports of 4 to 6 inches Peak District, strong winds

Sat 14th  Reported 13 - 15cm snow lying overnight Brecon Beacons.Milder/ less cold as showers turned to rain and hail

This very half-hearted cold spell mid month barely impacting CET

Tue 17th mild WW, rather cold much of Midlands (Gogerddan 11.9c, Coventry 4.5c)

Wed 18th again quite mild WW and rather cold Midlands (Trawsgoed 9.0c, Astwood Bank & Ch Lawford 4.1c)

Sat 20th virtually unbroken sunshine in many places (Aberporth 8.1 hrs , Wellesbourne 8.0 hrs 20th, Llanwnnen 8 hrs)

Sun 21st virtually unbroken sunshine parts of WW, much of Midlands cloudy (Llanwnnen 8 hrs, Valley 7.6 hrs), cold or rather cold although a few spots in NW Wales average to rather mild (Hereford max 2.2c, Market Bosworth 2.9c, Porthmadog 8.7c)

Wed 25th WW average to quite mild, West Midlands near average, SE Midlands cold (Trawsgoed 9.7c, Hereford 8.5c, CL max 2.6c)

Thu 26th cold or very cold, parts of Midlands having a now rare 'ice day' (Northampton max -1.1c, CL -0.7c, Coventry -0.6c, Hereford 1.5c, Aberporth 3.4c, Valley 6.7c). First ice day since 2013 at Coventry would be typical of the Midlands

Tue 31st very mild WW,  mildest day of the month, this much milder air reaching the Midlands by evening (Trawsgoed 13.0c, Hereford 12.0c, Nottingham 6.6c to 1800)

Nature notes

Hints of Spring nature-wise:

Bird song heard during much of the month:
Great Tit, always becomes territorial late Winter, although early January is still early for this to call
Mistle Thrush, another bird that can sing as early as Jan/ Feb
Song Thrush, subsong or short bursts with no tue vibrant song as would be in late Spring.
Much more purposeful Song Thrush and Mistle Thrush song during final few days of month.
Collard Dove heard to call.
Robin of course which sings virtually year-round

Primrose increasingly in bloom as January progressed
First Daffodil few spikes through in the village (same ones in bloom by Christmas 2015)
Celandine foliage most prolific by month end
23rd first Snowdrops in flower, as usual near the Fish & Anchor, Llanwnnen and a few days later alongside main road to Lampeter
24th first Bluebell spikes through under our Apple tree

Several Spiders seem intent on surviving the Winter on our landing (I do encourage this by leaving the window ajar during milder spells)

January 2017 summary

Average to quite mild; generally rather dry, but parts of Midlands rainfall totals around average

Another Winter month passes with an absence of true wintry conditions, although there were quite a few night frosts over the Midlands. SE England saw a protracted cold spell this month, while the west usually remained on the mild side. Very little in the way of snowfall, many lowland locations having no lying snow at all.

Rainfall totals:

Capel Curig 128.2mm 44%
LLanwnnen 96.9mm 68%
Aberporth 56.2mm 67%
Pembrey 80.4mm 74%

Nottingham 49.0mm
Hereford 61.8mm 93%
Coleshill 52.6mm 79%
Coventry, Bablake School 61.0mm 102%
Long Lawford 60.3mm 111%
Church Lawford 58.6mm

Sunshine totals:

Aberdaron 48.5 hrs
Llanwnnen 62 hrs 143%
Aberporth 56.3 hrs 91%

Shawbury 38.2 hrs 75%
Coventry 49.5hrs 79%