Thursday, 7 December 2017

November 2017 weather log

Weather log November 2017

Sat 4th rain at times (Gogerddan 26.8mm, Winterbourne 15.4mm)

Sun 5th generally the coolest day so far this Autumn, at Llanwnnen max 9.2c coolest since March 21st (8.2c), showers wintry over some Welsh hills (max Shawbury 9.7c, Capel Curig 8.4c,  Tirabad 9.2c, Pershore & Shobdon 10.6c)

Tue 7th Whitechurch, Pembs 26.4mm wettest in UK

Sun 12th and Mon 13th both cool days sub 10c max. Wintry showers for highest hills of Wales 12th. Frosty 13th (Llanwnnen -4.0c, Tirabad -3.5c, Trawsgoed -3.4c, Pershore -2.7c, Aberporth 5.6c), low tempd Midlands by day (CL max 5.8c, Capel Curig 6.7c, Mumbles 10.7c)

Wed 15th Gogerddan wettest in UK 16.4mm (Trawsgoed 11mm),  Midlands & N Wales mostly dry day

Sat 18th Trawsgoed wettest in UK 22.6mm (Aberporth 21mm, cf Llanwnnen 12.3mm)

Tue 21st/ Wed 22nd very mild with rain at times, copious orographic rain Wales, radar suggests over 250mm  Snowdonia 22nd (Capel Curig 83.6mm 24 hrs to 2100). Minima 22nd Mumbles 13.1c, Shawbury 13.0c, Nottingham 10.9c. Maxima 22nd Shawbury 16.2c, Trawsgoed 15.2c, Aberdaron 13.0c.

Sat 25th wintry showers in places, Coventry and Rugby had flurries, several cm coverings hill of Wales and Peak District, rather cold day (Nottingham max 4.6c, Capel Curig 5.2c, Pershore College 7.4c, Mumbles 8.3c)

Mon 27th Capel Curig 40mm, Trawsgoed 34mm 24 hrs to 1800

Tue 28th local flooding WW, 40mm in two dsays Llanwnnen, Teifi in spate, 2/3 Co-op car park inundated..Quite a cold day.. with wintry showers for Pembrokeshire

Thu 30th Pershore -6.0c, Tirabad -4.3c, MH 3.2c, max CL 2.7c, Capel Curig 3.8c, Llanwnnen 4.8c, Mumbles 6.5c; wi ntry showers 'Pembs Dangler' reports of roads close by snowe around Haverfordwest and Preseli hills late morning

Nature notes

First week: Fresh Honeysuckle leafing in garden, also new leaves on some of the other hedge shrubs.
Campion and the odd Foxglove still to be seen in flower (hardly any frost as yet). Primroses in bloom churchyard.

Pegs Primula, vs other flowers, Chrysanths as usual, Welsh Poppy (yellow). Wasps still quite active, no air frost to date Coventry this Autumn.

Driving back daisy flush and many other flowers out on verges

8th still flowers out inc Dandelion, no frost damage as yet (nothing below -3c so far). Wild Strawberry ripe.

10th plentiful fresh growth, nettles, bramble leafing, even the odd blackthorn leafing, plentiful honesuckle; fresh blooms Campion, Daisy, Dandelion; grass seeding; hazel catkins, some hedgerow budding; hydrangea a few re flowering esp Carmarthen area; few Hawkweed/ Fox and Cubs 'orange beauties' still going; Gorse flower

15th -4c frost yesterday caused damage in valleys while upslopes escaped; hydragea finished Lwn as were orange beauties

November 2017 summary

Much of Midlands rather dry; WW average to rather wet.
Average to quite mild temperatures.
Much of WW rather dull, much of Midlands fairly sunny.

Rainfall totals Nov 2017:

Valley 104.2mm (101%)
Capel Curig 301.2mm (103%)
Trawsgoed c. 215mm
Aberporth 130.2mm (120%)
Abermeurig Bont, Talsarn PWS
Llanwnnen 172.9mm (115%)
Llanelli PWS 70.6mm
MH c. 100mm

Shobdon 40.4mm (63%)
Hereford 35.8mm (56%)
Harborne PWS 52.3mm
Edgbaston PWS 47.5mm
Coleshill 42.2mm (61%)
Longford PWS 39.2mm
Coventry, Bablake School 37.2mm (59%)
Dunchurch PWS 37.3mm
Crick PWS 40.6mm
Daventry PWS c. 32mm

Long Lawford 41.6mm (68%)
Church Lawford 49.4mm (82%)
Pershore c. 45mm


Valley 48.6 hrs (83%)
Aberporth 38.8 hrs (61%)
Llanwnnen 52 hrs estimated (98%)

Shawbury 69.4 hrs (123%)
Shobdon 80.9 hrs
Coventry 85.0 hrs (128%)

Autumn 2017

Temperatures close to average to quite mild; Sept rather cool, October mild, Nov average
Many places rather dry, parts of WW up to average
Generally below average sunshine, especially WW

Rainfall totals Autumn 2017

Llanwnnen 404.0mm (99%)

Coventry, Bablake School 155.8mm (82%)
Church Lawford 143.2mm (75%)
Long Lawford 135.6mm (80%)

Sunshine Autumn 2017:

Llanwnnen 194 hrs (73%)

Coventry, Bablake School 273.6 hrs(89%)

Friday, 3 November 2017

October 2017 weather log

Wed 11th very mild night ( min Pembrey 14.9c, Hereford 14.2c, Capel Curig 12.2c). Wet day WW, large orographic totals particularly Snowdonia (Capel Curig 69mm by day; radar suggesting well over 100mm parts of Snowdonia; Honister, Cumbria 211mm!)

Fri 13th very mild/ warm. Minima Mumbles 15.0c, Shawbury 12.2c, Shobdon 8.3c. Maxima Newport, Salop 20.7c, Shawbury 20.4c, Hereford 19.6c, Trawsgoed 17.2c, Aberdaron 15.0c. Rain for WW (Capel Curig 77mm)

Sat 14th exceptionally mild October night, all locations stayed above 14c (Shawbury 16.8c, Gogerddan & Trawsgoed 16.1c, Aberdaron 14.3c). Warm bright October day Midlands, mild but rather cloudy WW (Hereford 22.1c, Coleshill 21.0c, Trawsgoed 17.9c, Aberdaron 15.1c)

Sun 15th Cat 3 Hurricane Ophelia near Azores ireland bound where likely to cause stormy damaging conditioins tomorrow as an extra Tropical of most northerly recorded (above 35N) and rare to get Cat 3 so close to BI

Mon 16th warmth and wind brought by ex Ophelia although little rain. Incredible surge in warmrth during the morning WW (it had been a warm night above 13c widely). At Llanwnnen in spite of overcast skies and gusty winds the temperature shot up over 4c in two hours attaining 20.8c 0830. At Capel Curig an astounding rise of 7.8c between 0800 - 0900 to 21.6c! Gogerddan managed 22.8c 0800. Damaging winds in places, gusts Capel Curig 90mph, Aberdaron 89mph, Aberporth 74mph, Llanwnnen 57mph, Trawsgoed 53mph. Maxima Gogerddan 22.8c, Trawsgoed 22.3c, Capel Curig 22.3c, Hereford 20.8c, Mumbles 18.3c)

Fri 27th a rare sunny day, 6.5 hours sunniest day since Sept 1st at Llanwnnen (Nottingham 8.7 hrs, Aberporth 7.5 hrs)

Sat 28th widespread ground frost, frost a rarity this month which has been very mild..(air min Shobdon -0.3c, Llanwnnen +0.6c, Pembrey 1.1c, Nottingham 5.9c, Aberdaron & Valley 9.1c). MOst places have had a dry October away from Snowdonia..

Mon 30th widespread frost (Pershore -2.8c, Llanwnnen -2.2c, Tirabad -1.9c). Sunny periods very pleasant day, an estimated 7 hours sun at Llanwnnen being the highest daily total since August 31st (Wellesbourne 7.8 hrs, Aberdaron & Aberporth 6.3 hrs).

Nature notes

Quite a late flourish of hedgerow Campion along with the odd Foxglove to month end. Many other species of flower out too at month end inc Stitchwort. Wild Strawberries in flower with even the odd berry attempting to ripen!
A few Redwing and Fieldfare seen with plenty of the former audible flying over in the evenings.
Aberystywth Starlings back and fantastic murmeration observed 25th, several thousand birds.
Most Ash shed leaves by month end, many Oak still retaining them.

October 2017 summary

Mild/ very mild and dull: dry/ rather dry away from Snowdonia; much of the E Mids very dry.
Rugby area probably the driest Oct since 1978 (7mm BR) with Oct 2017 (16.3mm) slightly drier than Oct 2016 (17.3mm).

Rainfall totals:

Llanwnnen 75.9mm (53%)

Bablake 34.8mm
Long Lawford 16.3mm (29%)
Church Lawford 16.8mm (25%)

Sunshine totals

Llanwnnen 64 hours estimated

Bablake 75.8 hrs

Thursday, 12 October 2017

September 2017 weather log

September 2017 weather log

Fri 1st cool night (Tirabad 1.2c, Capel Curig 3.5c, Shobdon 4.0c)

Sun 3rd cool/ very cool with rain/ drizzle at times WW to W Midlands (Aberdaron 32.4mm with PWS Llyn Peninsular towards 50mm; Shobdon max 13.7c, Capel Curig 13.9c, Nottingham 16.4c, LLanwnnen 17.2c, Whitechurch 17.8c)

Tue 5th Sept warm night (min Pembrey 16.5c, Pershore & Shawbury 16.1c, Mona 13.5c)

Fri 8th showery, thunder in places (as Coventry 1530)

Sat 9th showery, some torrential downpours and scattered thunderstorms, as Coventry afternoon (Swyddfynnon 15.4mm wettest in Wales

Further unsettled and cool weather to mid month, parts of Wales especially wet, Capel Curig 105mm 11th to 13th.

Thu 14th Coventry has had 4 days thunder this month already, equalling the most for September (Steve Jackson) on 8th, 9th 13th and 14th.
Showery past few days, a deep cold pool with plentiful Cb's and thunder and hail locally. A streamer of showers affected Coventry this afternoon with some thunder, Wyken PWS had 8mm in the hour to 1420, Walsgrave just a mile or so east remained largely dry.
Teifi in slight spate today (Coop car park flooded at far end) Cambrian hills have seen copious rain upwards of 100mm past few days.

Fri 15th heavy showers merged into prolonged downpours parts of WW, flooding in places such as Newquay and Talsarn:

26.1mm at Llanwnnen for 14th much of which fell during the night, radar suggesting over 70mm locally, Teifi in spate again (Capel Curig 26mm, Aberporth 25mm)

Sat 16th more downpours and thunder about, Coventry had its fifth day of thunder this month! Parts of WW well over an inch while others escaped mostly dry, another cool one too. Capel Curig            c. 160mm past 6 days and c. 300mm so far this month! (Aberporth 31mm 24 hrs to 1800; Capel Curig max 12.5c, MH 13.8c, Mumbles 16.9c)

Sun 17th very localised ground frost (Llanwnnen air min 2.0c)

Mon 18th localised ground frost ( Swyddfynnon 1.9c,Tirabad 2.0c, Llanwnnen air min 3.3c, grass min -0.1c)

Tue 19th cool night but warmer sunnier day than of late by day for many. At Llanwnnen it was the warmest day for a fortnight as temperatures attained the average (Hereford & Mumbles 18.8c warmest in UK, Capel Curig 14.8c; Watnall 10.6 hrs, Aberdaron 9.9c)

Thu 21st rain fronts crossed from west (Whitechurch 24.2mm wettest in UK)

Fri 22nd fairly widespread rural ground frost Midlands, localised WW, although mild for most coasts (grass min Hereford, Shawbury & Shobdon -1c; air min Shobdon 0.6c, Llanwnnen 1.8c, Coleshill 5.4c, Pembrey 13.1c)

Sun 24th rather warm with some sunshine for a time much of  Midlands, some rain later; cloudy with some rain and drizzle WW and Marches with temperatures nearer average (Pershore College 21.7c, Coleshill & Pershore 21.4c, Trawsgoed 18.4c, Shobdon 17.8c, Aberdaron 15.8c; Shawbury 13.4mm)

Mon 25th heavy rain overnight into morning centrtal and E Midlands, mostly dry elsewhere (Northampton Moulton Park 26.2mm wettest in UK, CL 20.8mm)

September summary:

Dull and wet/ very wet in most places with much of WW very dull; rather cool to average temperatures.

5 days thunder at Bablake Coventry, the hoghest Sept number recorded in 125 years!
0 days thunder Llanwnnen.
Llanwnnen wettest Sept srb 2006 (previous wettest 153.0mm 2010)
Coventry wettest since Sept 2008 (111.4mm).
Coventry dullest Sept since 2008 (110.2 hrs).

Rainfall totals

Valley 84.0mm (117%)
Trawsgoed 177.0mm (177%)
Aberporth 144.8mm (205%)
Talsarn, Abermuerig 148.8mm
Llanwnnen 155.2mm (136%)
Pembrey 137.0mm (176%)
Llanelli PWS 84.6mm
Mumbles c.130mm
Milford Haven 109.8mm

Nottingham 91.8mm
Long Lawford 77.7mm (149%)
Church Lawford 77.0mm (118%)
Dunchurch PWS 66mm
Crick, Northants PWS 51mm
Daventry 74.4mm
Coventry, Longford PWS 100.8mm
Coventry, Wyken PWS 105.9mm
Coventry, Bablake School 83.8mm (141%)
Birmingham, Edgbaston 73.4mm
Birmingham, Harbourne 80mm
Shawbury 113.0mm (198%)
Pershore c. 67mm


Aberporth 90.2 hrs (63%)
Llanwnnen 78 hrs est (63%)

Nottingham 104.6 hrs
Coventry Bablake 113 hrs (82%)
Shawbury 98 hrs (82%)

Saturday, 2 September 2017

August 2017 weather log

Weather log August 2017

Tuesday 1st, showery, locally torrential downpours with thunder, particularly NW Mids as ever some areas escaped dry and bright!

Sat 5th showery, thunderstorms and large hail in place: torrential downpour Aberystwyth morning gave up to 20mm in an hour (radar- Trawsgoed escaped mostly dry); Coventry and Rugby caught two storms one around midday then 1500 which was quite severe over Coventry, Longford PS had 13mm in 15 minutes while Tony observed 25mm hail at Binley. A rather cool day for many, felt pleasant in the sunshine in Lampeter where it was a mostly dry day (Shobdon 19.3c, Llanwnnen & Pembrey 18.9c, Aberdaron 16.0c). Temperatures dropped very low for an August afternoon in the showers, e.g. 11.3c 1500 Market Bosworth

Sun 6th some sun Midlands, mosly cloudy and cool some rain and drizzle WW (Aberdaron max 14.3c, Mumbles 17.7c, Pershore 20.9c)

Tue 8th showery WW, locally torrential and thundery, possibly waterspouts Cardigan Bay (unverified). Cool to average WW. Midlands very cool/ cool and wet in places, some mainly dry. Two inches for parts of Northants & Notts (Notingham 13.3c max, MH 15.2c, Mumbles 19.5c, Porthmadog 20.7c)

Wed 9th further rain for the Midlands, mainly dry, bright WW. 24 hour totals to 0600: Nottingham 36mm, MH 34mm

Thu 10th chilly night (Swyddfynnon 2.6c, Tirabad 3.8c, Trawsgoed 4.4c, Llanwnnen 5.2c, Coton-in-the-Elms 6.1c, Wellesbourne 6.6c, CL 7.0c, Valley 12.6c). Nice day, dry with sunny periods, cool to average (Hereford 22.8c, Mumbles 20.4c; Aberdaron 12.2 hrs)

Sat 19th cool, rather windy with some showers (CC max 15.6c, Valley 18.0c, Shobdon 17.1c, Astwood Bank 19.2c)

Mon 14th Rain at times WW, mostly dry Midlands (Pembrey 25mm, Coventry 21.9c)

Tue 15th heavy showers, local torrential downpours, Trawsgoed 30mm wettest in UK, Shawbury 19mm

Fri 18th showery, thunder and hail in places as Coventry 1300, Rugby 1330

Sun 20th cool damp WW and Marches, nearer average some sun Midlands damp later (Aberdaron 14.7c max, Trawsgoed 16.9c, Shobdon 18.0c, Pershore College 20.8c)

Mon 21st mild to warm night (min Pembrey 15.9c, Shawbury & Hereford 13.7c, CC 9.3c)

Tue 22nd limited sunshine but warmest day for over a month parts of WW such as Llanwnnen (max 24.3c warmest since July 18th 25.9c). Porthmadog 24.9c, Winterbourne 24.1c, MH & Northampton 20.6c; Aberporth 4.4 hrs.

Sat 26th rather warm with sunny periods (Aberporth sunniest in UK 11.8 hrs, Astwood Bank 24.4c)

Sun 27th generally warm to very warm plenty of sun Midlands and S Wales, cloud eventually cleared WW too. Llanwnnen in spite of cloud to 1500 reached 25.2c highest reading of the month (Pershore 25.7c, Trawsgoed 23.2c, Aberdaron 17.5c)

Bank Holiday Mon 28th very warm sunny periods Midlands, rather cloudy cooler WW (Wellesbourne 27.7c, Hereford 26.9c, CL 26.7c, Mumbles 21.3c, Aberdaron 18.1c)

Tue 29th mild night but a much cooler day, equal coolest day of the month Llanwnnen max 15.6c (Swyddfynnon 15.0c, Shawbury 16.6c, Mumbles & Nottingham 18.5c)

Wed 30th very cool and damp East Midlands, sunny spells rather cool to average WW (CL 15.1c, Aberporth 15.8c, Porthmadog 19.5c, Mumbles 18.8c)

Thu 31st cool night close to grass frost locally (air min Llanwnnen & Shobdon 3.3c; grass min Llanwnnen +0.7c, Hereford, Shawbury & Shobdon 1c) but heavy showers too parts of WW (Mumbles 17mm overnight, min 11.6c). Bright day just a few showers and isolated thunder (as near Warwick and Lutterworth). 9.5 hours made it the sunniest day of a dull month at Llanwnnen (Shobdon & Valley 10.1 hrs)

August 2017 summary

Headline: Rather cool and unsettled; mostly dry ending

Rather cool to average temperatures
Dull to average sunshine
Rather dry to rather wet


Valley 58.6mm (84%)
Trawsgoed 115.6mm (113%)
Abermuerig, Ceredigion PWS 84.1mm
Llanwnnen 87.6mm (80%)
Llanelli PWS 61.5mm
Pembrey Sands c. 80mm
MH c. 105mm

Shawbury 61.4mm (103%)
Shobdon 59.6mm (97%)
Bablake 67.2 hrs (107%)
Long Lawford 58.2mm (84%)
Church Lawford 59.0mm (95%)


Valley 175.3 hrs (105%)
Aberporth 142.7 hrs (80%)
Llanwnnen 100 hrs est (61%)

Nottingham 166.4 hrs
Bablake 164.2 hrs (89%)

Summer 2017 summary

Llanwnnen rather wet, dull with near normal temperatures:
Temperature wise no month deviated far from average.
All 3 months disappointingly dull.
June was a wet month, July and August close to average
No dry spell longer than one week.

Rainfall totals:

Valley 268mm
Llanwnnen 311.9mm (112%)
Pembrey 264mm

Shawbury 175mm

Coventry, Bablake 211.4mm (117%)
Long Lawford 170.9mm (96%)
Church Lawford 175.2mm (98%)


Valley 526 hours
Aberporth 480 hrs
Llanwnnen 351 hrs est (70%)

Coventry, Bablake 498.3 hrs (87%)

Nature notes:

Swifts departed end of first week. Still plenty of hirundines month end.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

July 2017 weather log

July 2017 weather log

Average to rather warm start to the month will just a little rain in places:

Wed 5th generally warm to very warm with sunny spells, cooler cloudier Cardigan Bay coasts (Pershore 28.5c, Llanwnnen 26.7c, Trawsgoed 23.0c, Aberporth 18.1c, Nottingham 22.8c)

Thu 6th warm sunny intervals WW, hot sunny spells Midlands, thunderstorms E Mids evening (Pershore 30.1c, Church Lawford 29.9c, Nottingham 27.6c, Llanwnnen 27.0c, Trawsgoed 23.1c, Aberporth 19.1c)

Sat 8th warm sunny intervals (Hereford 25.4c, Llanwnnen 22.7c, Mumbles 21.1)

Sun 9th rather warm WW, very warm sunny spells Midlands (Wellesbourne 27.7c, Coleshill 26.7c, Llanwnnen 23.7c, Pembrey 20.8c, Shobdon 10.1 hrs)

Mon 10th less warm, rather cool parts of WW, some rain or showers about (Pershore 23.0c, Llanwnnen 19.4c, MH 18.4c, Aberdaron 15.5c)

Tue 11th spells of rain and much cooler, locally an inch of rain

Wed 12th sunny WW coasts, elsewhere sunny spells, average to rather warm (Porthmadog 22.1c, Valley 14.1 hrs)

Thu 13th Coleshill 23.2c

Very warm mid month, thunder in places:

Sun 16th warm night (Coventry & Shawbury 17.3c, Mumbles 16.6c, Mona 13.5c)

Mon 17th warm to very warm sunny periods (Pershore 26.8c, Capel Curig 22.5c, Aberporth 18.2c)

Tue 18th isolated thunderstorms after a warm/ very warm day. Saw a flash late evening here from a storm over Aberystwyth. Lightning visible from Cov and Warks from storm 50 miles away over Luton/ MK (Valley 28.3c, Hereford 27.0c, Aberdaron 22.9c)

Wed 19th thunderstorms in places overnight into the morning, especially Swansea, Llandovery, Coventry. Distant rumblings for an hour Llanwnnen from storm crossing Llandovery 09 -10am. Warm sticky night (min Aberporth 17.8c, Pershore 16.4c, Capel Curig 14.7c). Thunderstorms across mid and north Wales afternoon (Capel Curig 24mm by day)

Unsettled and often cool end to the month:

Thu 20th rain night was heavy over parts of the Midlands (Coventry, Bablake 19.2mm, Wyken PWS 31.2mm, Longford PWS 26mm)

Fri 21st cool and wet much of Wales and Marches, rain to rest of Midlands later (Llanwnnen 41mm in 24 hours to 2100; Capel Curig 43mm, Aberdaron 41mm, Pembrey 33mm; max Aberdaron 14.1c, Llanwnnen 15.1c, Coleshill 20.4c)

Sat 22nd a few thundery showers about especially mid and N Wales afternoon

Sun 23rd localised heavy showers in places, some with hail and thunder, funnel cloud spotted Pembrey, Carms mid afternoon (Sutton Bonington, Notts, 18.6mm wettest in UK)

Tue 25th warm sunny spells, sunny in places, isolated showers and thunderstorms pm especially Glos & Worc, 33mm reported from Gloucester on UKWW (Hereford 26.2c warmest in UK, Llanwnnen 23.3c, MH & Trawsgoed 22.2c, Aberdaron 19.5c)

Fri 28th cool;  wet WW, some rain Midlands, parts of S Midlands stayed mostly dry (Aberdaron max 14.8c, Mona 17.6c, Hereford 19.2c; Capel Curig 22mm by day)

Sun 30th cool and showery WW, nearer average fewer showers Midlands, thunder in places such as mid Wales, Notts (Capel Curig max 15.7c, Hereford 20.3c)

July 2017 summary

Changeable: many areas rather wet/ wet; temperatures generally near average
WW generally rather dull, sunshine nearer average Midlands with Anglesey above average
No heatwaves this month!

Here at Llanwnnen July saw average rainfall and temperaures but sunshine was well below normal

Rainfall totals:

Valley 79.4mm (146%)
Aberdaron 100.4mm (179%)
Llanwnnen 103.0mm (101%) = wettest July since 2010 (155.6mm)
Pembrey 99.4mm (133%)
Mumbles 104.6mm (145%)

Shawbury 68.0mm (128%)
Hereford 72.0mm (160%)
Coleshill 68.6mm (140%)

Long Lawford 64.3mm (113%)
Church Lawford 67.0mm (111%)
Coventry, Bablake School 80.2mm (136%)


Valley 194.9 hrs (111%)
Aberporth 165.2 hrs (87%)
Llanwnnen 123 hrs estimated (69%)

Shawbury 160.4 hrs (97%)

Coventry, Bablake 170.5 hrs (85%)

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Weather log June 2017

Pertinenet daily notes June 2017

Key LL = Long Lawford; CL Church Lawford, Warwickshire; MH Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

Changeable start to June:

Sat 3rd ground frost parts of Wales (Llanwnnen 1.4c, Swyddfynnon 1.9c) cf quite a mild showery night Midlands (e.g. Coventry min 10.5c)

Sun 4th probable ground frost at Llanwnnen (air min 2.5c) about the only spot as next lowest min Shobdon 4.4c (grass min +1c)

Then a proper unsettled spell:

Mon 5th cool, dull and wet in many places, much of Wales having a very wet day with over an inch widely, and over 100mm for Snowdonia and some other high ground (Capel Curig 49mm 12 hours to 1800), parts of the Midlands having only small amounts though during the day (Nottingham & Pershore 3mm 06-1800). Llanwnnen max 13.9c was cooler than any day in May; other maxima Capel Curig 13.3c, Pembrey Sands 15.0c, Hereford & Pershore 16.0c). The low responsible was centred over Wales by evening, pressure dropping to 988mbar at Llanwnnen lowest since March.

Tue 6th WW had further overnight rain with large totals the north in particular  (Capel Curig 83mm and Whitechurch c. 81mm in 24 hours to 0400). At Llanwnnen 50.5mm fell in 25 hours to 0600, with 40.0mm for the rain day, the wettest since May 14th 2013 and it was the second wettest June day here (42.0mm 6-6-09). Other totals Coventry 27.0mm rain day; 06-0600 totals Mona 50mm, Trawsgoed 46mm, Aberporth 40mm; Long Lawford 14mm 0830-0830. Another cool windy day, although only a few showers WW (Capel Curig 12.3c, Valley 16.3c, Pershore 16.6c)

Turned drier and warmer mid month:

Wed 14th warm generally with sunny periods, especially Midlands (Pershore 25.9c, Shobdon 13.3 hrs)

Then a notable June heatwave:

Sat 17th unbroken sunshine in many areas, warm to very warm WW and a hot June day much of Midlands where widely above 27c, usual cooler exposed exceptions (Pershore 29.2c, Llanwnnen 26.1c, Aberdaron 15.8c)

Sun 18th hot and sunny in many places, very hot in some (Hereford 30.2c, Church Lawford 29.7c, Llanwnnen 28.6c, Aberporth 21.8c)

Mon 19th hot to very hot inland, very warm even for many coasts. Hottest June day on record here at Llanwnnen max 29.7c; other readings Pershore 31.9c, CL 30.8c, Trawsgoed 28.3c, MH 27.7c, Aberdaron & Valley 24.0c)

Tue 20th warm sultry night away for many (min Mumbles 19.4c, Coventry 17.5c, Mona 11.4c). Very warm to very hot; Llanwnnen very sultry max 30.1c, again a new June record and a first 30c plus for the month, with dew points as high as 21.2c. Wales and the Marches seeing the highest readings while a weak cold front brought much lower temps to the NE Midlands (Porthmadog c. 30c, Trawsgoed 28.0c, Pembrey Sands 27.3c, Hereford 28.6c, Nottingham max 18.9c). At midnight temps still at 23c or 24c over much of the Midlands!

Wed 21st culmination of the heatwave, more cloud with hazy sunny spells, very hot and humid widely. Overnight low 16.1c here at Llanwnnen a new record. By day many places very hot and humid, a few thundery showers affected WW. Again the June temperature recored broken max 30.6c at Llanwnnen, while dew point attained 22.4c, second highest to last July (22.5c) Other maxima Wellesbourne 32.2c, Pershore 31.8c, CL 30.0c, Trawsgoed 30.2c, Aberporth 28.7c, MH 24.1c. Heathrow max 34.5c was the highest UK reading in June since 1976.

Thu 22nd another warm night much of Midlands above 16c (CL min 17.2c). Much cooler by day though, by over 10c in places, a few brief thundery showers over the Midlands with thunder heard LL early morning (Pershore 22.1c, Pembrey 20.0c, Aberdaron 16.1c)

Fri 23rd rain affected much of Wales, much of Midlands escaped mostly dry (Gogerddan 18.8mm wettest in UK)

Midlands tending to miss the rain next few days too:

Sat 24th rather warm with sunny intervals Midlands, rather cloudy and near average WW (Wellesbourne 25.0c)

Unsettled and very cool end to month:

Wed 28th cool, overcast and damp (Nottingham max 12.6c, Capel Curig 13.0c, Llanwnnen & Pembrey 16.8c, Pershore 15.3c; Ross-on-Wye 31mm)

Thu 29th notably cool late June day for many areas and in particular WW.  Llanwnnen max 12.7c was the lowest such reading for so advanced into Summer (cf 12.6c 25/06/07 and 13.7c 02/07/12). Other maxima Aberdaron 11.3c, Aberporth 11.7c, Coton-in-the-Elms 13.2c, Wellesbourne 15.4c.

Fri 30th very cool/ cool with some drizzle WW and Marches, nearer average rest of Midlands (Aberdaron max 12.3, Aberporth 12.6c, Mumbles 15.8c, Shawbury 16.0c, Pershore 20.8c; Scolton Country Park, Pembs 26.2mm wettest in UK)

June 2017 summary

Midlands warm with near average rainfall and sunshine

WW generally wet or very wet, quite warm, rather dull, rainfall aberage parts of South Wales

June rainfall totals

Valley 129.8mm (251%)

Capel Curig 251.0mm (180%)

Llanwnnen 121.3mm (178%)

Pembrey Sands c. 85mm
Llanelli 63.2mm
Mumbles 62.2mm (97%)

Shawbury 46.0mm (86%)

Hereford 37.6mm (83%)
Pershore 33.4mm (66%)

Long Lawford 48.7mm (98%)

Church Lawford 50.2mm (90%)
Coventry, Bablake School 64.0mm
Daventry c.38mm
Crick c. 38mm


Valley 155.7 hrs (86%)

Aberporth 171.6 hrs (88%)
Llanwnnen 128 hrs estimated (79%)

Bablake 163.6 hrs

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Weather log May 2017

Weather log May 2017

Pleasant weather predominated during the first week, mostly dry and bright and fairly warm (especially WW with east winds)

Tue 2nd Local grass frost (Pembrey 0.0c, Llanwnnen 1.3c, Shawbury 3.1c) Ceredigion best of warm sunshine (Llanwnnen 20.1c, Trawsgoed 18.3c, Pershore 18.1c, Aberdaron 13.7c)

Thu 4th Porthmadog max 19.5c warmest in UK (Llanwnnen 18.9c, Hereford 17.0c)

Sun 7th mild to warm with sunny spells (Pershore 21.3c, Aberporth 13.7c)

Very dry spell continues, plenty of sunshine WW and Marches where rather warm at times but frosty nights, cooler and cloudier much of Midlands:

Mon 8th Ground frost rural areas with very l,ocalised air frost (Shawbury -0.7c, Llanwnnen air min 0.4c, ). Sunny and rather warm WW and Marches, cloudier much of Midlands and cool (Llanwnnen 18.3c, Shobdon 15.4c, Nottingham 11.3c, Aberdaron 14.6 hrs, Nottinmgham 0.2 hrs)

Tue 9th widespread ground frost, local air frost inland WW and Marched (Llanwnnen -1.3c, Shawbury 0.6c). Sunny day again WW and Marches, virtually unbroken WW, cloudier much of Midlands, cool to average (Llanwnnen 16.2c, Porthmaodog 16.0c, Aberdaron 11.6c, Church Lawford 11.3c, Aberdaron 14.3 hrs, Llanwnnen 14 hrs)

Wed 10th widespread frost (Tirabad -2.5c, Shobdon -1.4c, Llanwnnen -1.2c). Sunny weather for all, temps quite varied, rather cool to rather warm (Llanwnnen 19.1c, Milford Haven 16.0c, Shawbury 18.5c, Aberporth 12.6c)

Thu 11th another widespread grass frost, local air frost (Llanwnnen 0.0c, Shobdon 0.4c, Mumbles 10.6c min). Generally quite warm, thundery showers in places later including Llanwnnen where a welcome 9mm fell ending the dry spell (Porthmadog 22.9c, Coton-in-the-Elms 21.9c, Aberporth 14.5c, Shobdon 10.2mm)

Unsettled from mid month ending the prolonged mostly dry spell since April:

Wed 17th wet day Midlands, widely around an inch (Church Lawford 24.2mm)

Thu 18th local grass frost, at Coventry this was the latest since 29th June 2011. Localised downpours, 10.8mm fell between 1430 and 1830 at Llanwnnen, places a few miles north having nothing as Talsarn, thunder in a very few places such as Marches (Winterbourne, Bham 11.0mm most in two hours)

Fri 19th Grass frost more localised still. Scattered thundery showers with hail, giving over an inch locally in just an hour or two, Cardigan Bay largely sunny (Aberporth sunniest in UK 13.9 hrs cf est 8.5 hrs Llanwnnen)

Warm weather towards month end:

Mon 22nd warm sunny spells (Pershore 23.8c, Llanwnnen 20.2c, Aberdaron 15.1c)

Wed 24th best of tthe sun Midlands where very warm, many coasts of Wales mist or low cloud and much cooler (Pershore warmest in UK 26.6c, Llanwnnen 23.1c, Aberporth 15.5c, Aberdaron 13.2c; Hereford 13.7 hrs, Llanwnnen 9 hrs, Aberporth 1.1 hrs, Aberdaron & Valley 0 hrs )

Thu 25th very warm or hot and sunny. Llanwnnen max 28.0c, second highest reading in May (28.1c 25/5/2012). Other maxima Pershore 27.0c, c. Gogerddan 27c, Trawsgoed 26.4c, Aberporth 25.3c, Milford Haven 21.5c; sunshine Aberdaron 14.8 hrs 

Fri 26th warm night WW (Mumbles 17.2c, Shobdon 9.5c). Hot for many..Porthmadog one of hottest in UK 28.9c, Llanwnnen 28.2c, Gogerddan c. 28c, Aberporth 26.8c, Mumbles 22.4c; Pershore 27.9c, CL 25.4c. Virtually unbroken sunshine too (Llanwnnen est 15.5 hrs, Valley 15.3 hrs, Shobdon 15.2 hrs)

Sat 27th thunderstorms affected WW early in the day with spectacular lightning, as here at Llanwnnen from 0400- 0530 also torrential downpours in places (Trawsgoed 15.6mm most of which in one hour) with flooding in Tregaron. A warm humid night, min 14.9c was the warmest May night on record here SRB 2006 (14.0c 04/05/08) Other minima Mumbles & Valley 16.3c, Pershore 15.2c, Nottingham 12.6c) Isloated storm for the Midlands as well during the day

Nature notes

Oak leaf burst late April/ early May

1st Mynydd Pencarreg area 2 Cuckoo and a few Grasshopper Warbler

2nd Lampeter heard a House Martin (still not seen one), many Swallow

4th Swift heard to scream above church

5th 4 Swift above village with screaming!

Quite a few House Martin by 10th

10th Tregaron Bog 3 Cuckoo heard, heard Grashopper Warblers, Garden Warbler, saw a Sedge Warbler, many WW and Blackcap, 1 Spotted Flycatcher

10th driving back screaming Swift parties at Tregaron, Llanddewi Brefi, Cellan and Lampeter

Ash leaf burst mid- late May

Bluebells died off in garden mid May but still going strong more shady lanes and woodland.

19th first Foxgloves about to flower

Plenty of Foxglove out month end, many Ash in full leaf month end

31st 2 Cuckoo(one seen being chased by Pipit (?) below Pencarreg

May summary

Warm; rainfall variable from dry to quite wet; sunshine average to quite sunny

Turned out warm thanks to warm to hot weather late in the month with 29c recorded in North Wales.

Rainfall totals:

Valley 32.8mm (68%)
Capel Curig 148.8mm (112%)
Aberporth 33.2mm (61%)
Llanwnnen 66.2mm (86%)
Milford Haven 47.4mm

Nottingham 64.4mm
Shawbury 26.4mm (49%)
Coventry 49.6mm (89%)
Long Lawford 61.1mm (105%)
Church Lawford 57.0mm (99%)


Valley 250 hrs (123%)
Aberdaron 252.7 hrs
Aberporth 224.3 hrs (108%)
Llanwnnen 187 hrs (102%)

Nottingham 186.2 hrs
Shawbury 198.6 hrs (121%)
Coventry 194.6 hrs (102%)

Spring 2017

Warm; rather dry to average rainfall

Rainfall totals:

Llanwnnen 241.4mm (102%)

Coventry 132.8mm (85%)
Long Lawford 140.0mm (96%)
Church Lawford 133.0mm


Llanwnnen 405 hrs (95%)
Coventry 500.5 hrs (110%)

Friday, 5 May 2017

Weather log April 2017

April weather log

Mainly dry start to the month:

Fri 7th frost in places, Llanwnnen coldest in UK min -3.4c (Trawsgoed -1.8c, Pershore +1.3c, Valley 8.1c). Rather warm sunny periods for many

Sat 8th widespread frost (Llanwnnen -3.2c, Tirabad -1.9c, Shawbury -0.4c) then a very warm early April day and virtually unbroken sun (Llanwnnen 21.1c, Trawsgoed 20.7c, Pershore 19.7c, Aberdaron 14.9c, Shawbury, Llanwnnen & Valley 12.5 hrs sun). Greatest diurnal range of 24.3c recorded at Llanwnnen (srb 2006)

Sun 9th clouded over and cooled down WW, very warm mostly sunny Midlands (Church Lawford 22.9c, Trawsgoed 17.6c, Aberdaron 11.5c)

Plenty of dry weather still mid month with temps nearer average.

Quite dry even to end the month although some rain or showers; cool spell towards month end with sharp frosts in countryside.

Wintry showers and frosts 25th to 27th, snow showers falling to low ground locally, e.g. reports from B'ham, south Coventry

26th Maxima Capel Curig 6.8c, Shobdon 10.9c, Pembrey 11.2c, minima Tirabad 4.8c (coldest UK) Llanwnnen -4.1c, Trawgoed -3.0c

27th minima Tirabad -5.6c (coldest UK), Llanwnnen -4.8c, Pershore -3.6c

April summary

Very dry with near or slightly above average temperatures

Rainfall totals:

Capel Curig 62.0mm (41%)
Valley 16.6mm (30%)
Trawsgoed 29.6mm (41%)
Llanwnnen 21.3mm (28%)
Aberpoth 18.0mm (34%)
Pembrey Sands 19.6mm (29%)

Shawbury 20.8mm (43%)
Coleshill 23.8mm (47%)
Coventry, Bablake School 26.8mm (51%)
Long Lawford 24.4mm (54%)
Church Lawford 21.4mm (42%)
Hereford 11.6mm (22%)
Pershore 10.2mm (21%)


Valley 117.9 hrs (73%)
Llanwnnen 137 hrs (91%)
Coventry 175.8 hrs (116%)
Shawbury 159.5 hrs (121%)

Nature notes

6th first Willow Warlber cycling Maesycrugiau

11th first pair of Swallow flew over garden

Towards mid month: Plenty of Chiffchaff, few Willow Warbler, plentiful Stitchworth, quite a few Bluebell, Daffs and Celandine largely over

c 16th first possible House Martins not sure - above church
c 17th first Sand Martins heard above garden

Mid to late month plentiful Swallow, Willow Warbler, Blackap, Bluebell, Stitchwort.
Red Campion. Many trees coming into leaf such as Oak, Birch, some Horse Chestnut in full leaf 20th

First Whitethroats heard in Coventry area during past week

Up to 40 Swallow over Wyken Slough late month, possib;e House Martin heard but not identified, no definites all month

Saturday, 1 April 2017

March 2017 weather log

Unsettled start to March became very mild and drier:

Tue 14th very mild excepting some foggy coasts (as Aberystwyth all day). Highs Pershore 16.2c, (Llanwnnen 13.6c, Mumbles 10.1c)

Wed 15th rather warm sunny (Hereford 17.6c, Trawsgoed 16.5c) however still rather cool and misty along some coasts (Milford Haven max 9.3c)

Fri 17th - Sat 18th heavy orographic rainfall Wales, over 100mm locally between Llanddewi Brefi and Strata Florida suggested by radar 24 hours to 1230 (Llanwnnen 20mm)

Sat 18th Pershore max 16.1c mildest in UK, widely above 15c Midlands

Tue 21st start of Spring colder with wintry showers in places, snow for some hills of Wales, lying snow above 400-500m. Max 8.2c during morning sunshine here at Llanwnnen, cloud and showers pm with a little sleet, below 5c after 1300 (Pershore 10.7c, Mumbles 9.2c, Capel Curig 6.6c)

Wed 22nd snow cover visible on distant high ground of Plynlimon and Cader Idris, wettest day of month to date parts of Midlands, as 12.7mm Long Lawford (Hereford 23.2mm)

Thu 23rd rare widespread frost for this month to date (Llanwnnen -4.2c, Trawsgoed -3.2c, Shobdon -2.3c)

Some rather warm and sunny late March weather:

Fri 24th Porthmadog warmest in UK max 16.0c (Llanwnnen 14.1c, Newport, Salop 14.0c). Sunny spells, parts of WW near unbroken sun (Valley 11.1 hrs, Aberporth 11.0, Llanwnnen 10.5hrs)

Sat 25th Porthmadog again one of warmest in UK at 19c (Llanwnnen 17.5c, Milford Haven 17.2c, Aberporth 12.2c, Shawbury 14.9c). Notably low RH today, Llanwnnen WS record low (srb 2013) 30% with almost unbroken sunshine in all areas (widely above 10 hrs)

Mon 27th warm sunny WW, much of Midlands cloudy, misty and cool (Capel Curig 16.9c, Tirabad 8.5c, Nottingham 11.1c, Shobdon 9.1c)

Wet end to the month especially for Wales:

Wed 29th Whitchurch 30.4mm wettest in UK

Thu 30th Capel Curig 46.0mm wettest in UK. Many areas exceptionally mild March night, here at Llanwnnen low of 10.9c mildest in my 12 year record beating 9.5c in 2010. Coventry min 11.8c mildest March night since 1956 (12.0c). Contrasts, rain at times WW where  mild, locally warm Midlands sunny periods and very warm for late March, some places such as Coventry it was the warmest March day since 2012 (Coventry 19.9c, Coleshill 19.4c, Trawsgoed 17.0c, Aberdaron 10.5c)

Nature notes:

Early month: Blackthorn bloom Monmouth then parts of Midlands. Willow leaf burst too locally.

15th rare lovely sunny day for thus far into March, first Chiffchaff singing Maesycrugiau also firdt Peacock butterfly same area

Late March: plentiful stichwort flowers last week, Daffs starting wither. First Bluebell front of house under insulation cladding, quite a few in back garden month end. Horse Chestnut and other tree spp leaf burst, Hawthorn coming into leaf locally.

March summary: very mild and rather wet

Everywhere very mild, parts of Midlands over 2c above average. For many the mildest March since 2012.
Generally wet a few places nearer average. Llanwnnen having 153.9mm the wettest March since 2008 (167.9mm).
Sunshine rather dull to quite sunny. A 4 day sunny spell late month redeemed an otherwise dull month at Llanwnnen where the total ended up closer to average.

Rain totals

Valley 76.0mm (121%)
Llanwnnen 153.9mm (186%)
Aberporth 108.4mm (174%)
Pembrey Sands 115.4mm (147%)
Llanelli PWS 88.6mm

Shawbury 52.0mm (112%)
Coventry, Bablake School 56.4mm (119%)
Long Lawford 54.5mm (126%)
Church Lawford 54.6mm (122%)
Dunchurch PWS 42.2mm
Daventry PWS 43.9mm


Valley 109.6 hrs (96%)
Llanwnnen 82 hours (88%)
Aberporth 96.2 hrs (82%)

Shawbury 121.1 hrs (126%)
Coventry, Bablake School 131.4mm (114%)

Friday, 3 March 2017

February 2017 weather log

Pertinent daily weather notes:

Mild/ very mild start to February:

Thu 2nd, Aberystwyth area warmest in UK (Gogerddan 14.0c, Trawsgoed 13.9c, Mona 13.1c, Pershore College 12.7c), Whitechurch, near Cardigan wettest in UK 24.6mm

Fri 3rd rain turned to wet snow for a short time later in the day over parts of Wales as colder air arrived. A wet day for much of Wales (Scolton Country Park, Pembs 33.8mm wettest in UK)

Sat 4th thin covering of snow on some nearby higher ground, snowline varying from above 250 - 350m

Wed 8th sunny periods with average to mild temps WW, mostly cloudy rather cold Midlands (Milford Haven 11.1c mildest in UK, Church Lawford & Nottingham max 3.8c)

Thu 9th short cold spell underway (max Portmadog 5.3c, Capel Curig 1.3c, Tirabad -0.1c, Shawbury 2.6c, Market Bosworth 1.5c)

Fri 10th rather cold to cold with wintry flurries in places (Porthmadog 6.1c, Pembrey 5.1c, Northampton 2.1c, Coleshill 2.5c)

Sat 11th light snowfalls in places, slight accumulation in places especially above 200m, cold to rather cold again (Gogerddan 6.0c, Northampton 2.0c)

Sun 12th last cold day with a little sleet or snow in places, max generally 2 to 5c

Mon 13th much milder (Pembrey Sands 12.6c, Pershore 11.0c). Fairly sunny most of Midlands (Wellesbourne 8.1 hrs); strong and damaging winds locally WW

Wed 15th mild with rain in places, heavy late afternoon rain  parts of Midlands, 11.6mm Long Lawford total for the day, much of this within two hours and amongst the highest totals of the day (Trawsgoed max 12.9c, Church Lawford 11.2mm rain)

Mild spell continued...

Sat 19th mild to very mild, central Midlands closer to average (Trawsgoed 13.4c, Llanwnnen 10.6c, Hereford 12.5c, Market Bosworth 8.0c)

Mon 20th very mild, minima Hereford 10.6c, Aberpoth & Trawsgoed 9.5c. Maxima Capel Curig 16.0c, Pershore 15.5c. Llanwnnen max 14.3c mildest February day since 23/2/2012 (14.4c)

Both Tue 21st and Wed 22nd very mild, max widely 10 to 13c, min 8 to 10c. Hereford max 14.7c 21st. Minima 22nd Hereford 11.0c, Trawsgoed 10.1c.

Wed 22nd wet Mid and North Wales, large totals in the vicinty of some high ground, radar suggesting 50mm plus Cellan and Llanddewi Brefi cf actual 14mm Llanwnnen; very locally 100mm possibly for some hills. Max 14.7c Pershore

Thu 23rd damaging winds courtesey of 'Storm Doris', fatality Wolverhampton city centre midday, gusts widely above 50mph...Capel Curig 94mph, Aberdaron & Valley 81mph, Aberporth 68mph, Llanwnnen 49mph, Trawsgoed 47mph, Church Lawford 66mph, Bbablake 55mph. 24 hour rainfall totals to 0600: Capel Curig 51mm, Trawsgoed 34mm

Sat 25th Capel Curig 60.6mm orographic rain NW Wales

Mon 27th wintry showers in places, snow cover for some hills, late afternoon snowline down to 250m - 300m Mynydd Llanllwni, only sleet Llanwnnen and Llanybydder

Nature notes

2nd first (mini variety) Daffs blooming a few miles north of Carmarthen (often these are first bloom and in late Jan/early Feb)

First week: plentiful Snowdrops out and plently of Song Thrush singing. Great Spotted Woodpecker (GSW) heard drumming

Mid month first Celandine, more Daffs out in Carmarthen, 2 GSW heard drumming 16th

End of month smattering of Blackbird song, impressive Song Thrush vocalistaion continues
Quite a few Daffs out by 28th. Bluebell spikes widely up around the gardens, plenty of Celandine, Snowdrops declining

February summary: mild and rather dull; rainfall around average, locally a wet month

Little in the way of snow again, many places having no lying snow all month or just a sprinkling.
Mildest February for several years, here at Llanwnnen since 2011.
Broadly around average rainfall, some having a rather dry month, some areas wet..
Sunshine below average everywhere.

Rainfall totals

Valley 103.8mm (190%)
Llanwnnen 124.0mm (122%)
Pembrey Sands 74.8mm (91%)

Nottingham 53.4mm
Coventry, Bablake school 44.0mm (110%)
Long Lawford 44.7mm (111%)
Church Lawford 44.4mm (100%)
Hereford 36.6mm (78%)


Valley 49.2 hrs (61%)
Aberporth 51.5 hrs (63%)
Llanwnnen 43 hrs (68%)

Nottingham 45.5 hrs
Coventry 64.1 hrs (82%)

Winter 2017: dry and rather mild

Llanwnnen it was the driest Winter in the 12 year record here (Winter 20008/09 305.3mm).

Winter rainfall totals:

Llanwnnen 296.0mm (75%)
Pembrey Sands 216.0mm

Nottingham 122.8mm
Long Lawford 124.6mm (83%)
Church Lawford 123.8mm
Coventry, Bablake School 128.0mm (89%)

and sunshine:

Llanwnnen (est) 160 hrs (110%)

Coventry, Bablake School 176.8 hrs 89%

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January 2017 weather log

Pertinent daily weather log

Sun 1st rather cold and wet cleared WW morning, sleet and snow for high ground fell to quite low levels parts of Midlands, afternoon temperatures widely below 4c. A covering of snow for some hills of Wales above 400m.

Tue 3rd frost locally quite severe (Llanwnnen -6.7c, Pershore -5.4c, Swyddffynnon -5.2c)

Thu 12th colder, sleet or snow fell for a time in many places, slight accumulations some hills above about 300m. Thunder at Llanwnnen during evening hail and snow showers

Fri 13th wintry showers, slight coverings of snow or hail in many places, more substantials accumulations some high ground, reports of 4 to 6 inches Peak District, strong winds

Sat 14th  Reported 13 - 15cm snow lying overnight Brecon Beacons.Milder/ less cold as showers turned to rain and hail

This very half-hearted cold spell mid month barely impacting CET

Tue 17th mild WW, rather cold much of Midlands (Gogerddan 11.9c, Coventry 4.5c)

Wed 18th again quite mild WW and rather cold Midlands (Trawsgoed 9.0c, Astwood Bank & Ch Lawford 4.1c)

Sat 20th virtually unbroken sunshine in many places (Aberporth 8.1 hrs , Wellesbourne 8.0 hrs 20th, Llanwnnen 8 hrs)

Sun 21st virtually unbroken sunshine parts of WW, much of Midlands cloudy (Llanwnnen 8 hrs, Valley 7.6 hrs), cold or rather cold although a few spots in NW Wales average to rather mild (Hereford max 2.2c, Market Bosworth 2.9c, Porthmadog 8.7c)

Wed 25th WW average to quite mild, West Midlands near average, SE Midlands cold (Trawsgoed 9.7c, Hereford 8.5c, CL max 2.6c)

Thu 26th cold or very cold, parts of Midlands having a now rare 'ice day' (Northampton max -1.1c, CL -0.7c, Coventry -0.6c, Hereford 1.5c, Aberporth 3.4c, Valley 6.7c). First ice day since 2013 at Coventry would be typical of the Midlands

Tue 31st very mild WW,  mildest day of the month, this much milder air reaching the Midlands by evening (Trawsgoed 13.0c, Hereford 12.0c, Nottingham 6.6c to 1800)

Nature notes

Hints of Spring nature-wise:

Bird song heard during much of the month:
Great Tit, always becomes territorial late Winter, although early January is still early for this to call
Mistle Thrush, another bird that can sing as early as Jan/ Feb
Song Thrush, subsong or short bursts with no tue vibrant song as would be in late Spring.
Much more purposeful Song Thrush and Mistle Thrush song during final few days of month.
Collard Dove heard to call.
Robin of course which sings virtually year-round

Primrose increasingly in bloom as January progressed
First Daffodil few spikes through in the village (same ones in bloom by Christmas 2015)
Celandine foliage most prolific by month end
23rd first Snowdrops in flower, as usual near the Fish & Anchor, Llanwnnen and a few days later alongside main road to Lampeter
24th first Bluebell spikes through under our Apple tree

Several Spiders seem intent on surviving the Winter on our landing (I do encourage this by leaving the window ajar during milder spells)

January 2017 summary

Average to quite mild; generally rather dry, but parts of Midlands rainfall totals around average

Another Winter month passes with an absence of true wintry conditions, although there were quite a few night frosts over the Midlands. SE England saw a protracted cold spell this month, while the west usually remained on the mild side. Very little in the way of snowfall, many lowland locations having no lying snow at all.

Rainfall totals:

Capel Curig 128.2mm 44%
LLanwnnen 96.9mm 68%
Aberporth 56.2mm 67%
Pembrey 80.4mm 74%

Nottingham 49.0mm
Hereford 61.8mm 93%
Coleshill 52.6mm 79%
Coventry, Bablake School 61.0mm 102%
Long Lawford 60.3mm 111%
Church Lawford 58.6mm

Sunshine totals:

Aberdaron 48.5 hrs
Llanwnnen 62 hrs 143%
Aberporth 56.3 hrs 91%

Shawbury 38.2 hrs 75%
Coventry 49.5hrs 79%

Friday, 6 January 2017

December 2016 weather log

December 2016 weather and nature

Log of more significant weather days:

Snow patches late November: During the final week of November snow patches visible on distant hills inc Plynlimon

Tue 13th very mild mostly cloudy(Pershore College 14.7c, Trawsgoed 13.0c)

Wed 14th very mild and bright (Gogerddan 14.2c, Nottingham 13.3c, Pershore College 13.2c)

Thurs 23rd frost widespread but not severe however Shobdon -3.4c coldest in UK

Fri 24th Storm Barbara brought wind and rain although nothing of note for most of England and Wales, gusts to 75mph at Capel Curig and Anglesey though, a few trees and power lines down over Wales

Sat 25th very mild Christmas Day (Coleshill 14.9c, Trawsgoed 13.5c)

Tue 27th notably high pressure above 1040mbar all England and Wales and 1045mbar reached over the Midlands. At Coventry the barometer reached its highest level since January 1982!

Wed 28th frost locally rather severe (Pershore -7.0c), unbroken sunshine many areas (Llanwnnen 7 hours) however some places remained foggy. Variable maxima from very mild 12.1c Trawsgoed to very cold 1.0c Hereford where fog must have lingered

Thu 29th freezing fog persisted all day along some valleys, such as the Trent and Wye (Hereford max -0.6c, Winterbourne 7.6c)

Nature notes:

2nd in spite of recent severe frosts (-11.0c 30/11) a few Red Campion continue in bloom along the lanes

Early Dec Primroses in flower Coventry and Llanwnnen.

9th Muntjac Deer in woodland, Fillongley, Warks

10th female Blackcap feeding on Apples remaining on tree Aldermans Green, Coventry, this is a Summer migrant although they increasingly over-Winter due to milder Winters and as people feed garden birds more and more. Blackbird and Magpie also benefiting from this remaining fruit.

11th Llanwnnen and surrounds: Mistle Thrush heard in weak song, first Snowdrop spikes emerged Fish & Anchor bank, a few Red Campion continue to bloom, grass and other vegetation appears to be in slow growth phase

14th Gorse in flower up to 350m Mynydd Pencarreg, snatch of Song Thrush song along lane back down to Llanybydder also heard Carmarthen 15th

A few Primrose in bloom from mid month

Hazel catkins mid month

20th first Snowdrop spikes near Fish & Anchor, Llanwnnen, they are usually early to flower on this road bank

Further Song and Mistle Thrush song bursts at various locations to Christmas

December 2016 summary: dry and mild

For the second year running this was an unusual instance of December being milder than November.
A dry month for all and for parts of the Midlands very dry with barely a quarter of the average

Llanwnnen driest Dec since 2010 (52.1mm) and driest since 2010 (17.2mm) Coventry

December rainfall totals:

Valley 75.6mm
Llanwnnen 75.1mm (52%)
Aberporth 52.6mm
Milford Haven 75.4mm
Pembrey Sands 68.6mm

Nottingham 20.4mm
Shawbury 30.0mm
Coventry 23.0mm
Long Lawford 19.6mm (35%)
Church Lawford 23.8mm

2016 summary

Rather mild, most places rather dry, parts of WW decidedly dry
Llanwnnen driest year since 2010 (1116.9mm), Coventry driest since 2011 (460.2mm)

Rainfall totals for 2016

Llanwnnen 1144.7mm (87%)

Long Lawford 613.5mm (96%)
Church Lawford 635.6mm
Coventry, Bablake School 671.2mm (97%)

Sunshine totals 2016

Coventry, Bablake School 1508.2 hrs (98%)

Llanwnnen (estimated) 1269 hours (94%)