Thursday, 1 December 2016

Weather log November 2016

Daily weather log November 2016

Tue 1st overnight fog in many places. Foggy start in places then rather cloudy with a spit of drizzle in places, late sun NW Wales. For most a much cooler day, 8c cooler than yesterday parts of Midlands but still mild for SW Wales (Pembrey 15.3c, Hereford 11.6c, Market Bosworth max 9.6c)

Wed 2nd widespread ground frost and air frost in places (Swyddfynnon -3.1c, Trawsgoed -1.7c, pershore -0.5c). Sunny spells with sunshine virtually unbroken Midlands. Temperatures average to slightly cool (Pembrey 12.2c, Pershore 11.7c, Coleshill max 9.8c)

Thu 3rd widespread frost this mostly lifted WW by morning as it clouded over. Bright start Midlands then  rather cloudy, a little rain and drizzle pm WW. A rather cool day for most of the Midlands, average to rather cool WW (Pembrey 13.2c, Winterbourne 12.2c,  Shobdon 8.1c)

Fri 4th a little further rain and drizzle WW overnight, extending into parts of the Midlands. A little rain over the Midlands morning, became mostly dry with sunny spells just the odd shower, rather cool to average temps (Mumbles 12.0c, Pershore College 12.5c, Capel Curig 8.4c)

Sat 5th widespread ground frost, more local air frost, showers affecting Wales overnight (Shobdon -1.0c, Llanwnnen -0.4c). Sunny spells and a few showers with hail WW, even some snow for highest hills, with more in the way of showers Snowdonia and the tips of Pembrokeshire. Mostly dry and bright Midlands. Rather cold and breezy (Scolton Country Park 10.6c, Hereford 9.0c, Capel Curig max 6.4c).

Sun 6th showers for some overnight, a stream of showers from the north affected Pembrokeshire where some places had over an inch of rain, some wintry showers over Snowdonia. Widespread overnight frost locally sharp (Llanwnnen -5.1c, Pershore & Swyddfynnon -4.2c). Variable cloud, mostly cloudy and showery Snowdonia, generally sunny intervals with better sunny spells in places. Some showers, most affecting W Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia; rather cold/ cold and quite windy (Pembrey 10.4c, Pershore 8.7c, Coleshill max 6.4c, Milford Haven 21mm)

Mon 7th frost in places (Llanwnnen -3.3c, Trawsgoed -3.0c) still the odd shower overnight. Sunny spells and mainly dry, still some showers affecting parts of WW, chiefly Pembrokeshire. Most places quite cold, sheltered SW Wales closer to normal (Scolton Country Park, Pembs 10.8c, Coton-in-the-Elms, Notts 9.5c, Astwood Bank, Worc 9.3c, Capel Curig 7.2c)

Tue 8th widespread frost, severe at Pershore, excepting parts of WW where there were still some showers keeping going (Pershore min -6.0c and grass min -11c, Tirabad min -3.0c). Bright start Midlands clouded over, cloudy day WW with rain pm this eventually reaching the Midlands too, some snow over the Peak District. Very cold Midlands, mostly cold elsewhere but near average SW Wales (Milford Haven 10.7c, CC 5.2c, Market Bosworth 4.0c, Scolton 24.9mm)

Wed 9th wet night Midlands an inch in places and more than fell during the whole of October for some such as Coventry and Long Lawford (Aberdaron 41mm, Hereford 26.0mm, Long Lawford 17.7mm). Rain cleared E Mids am, cold E Mids, rather mild Marches and S Wales (Pembrey max 11.0c, Hereford 10.8c, Nottingham 5.5c)

From now occasional daily more pertinent notes only:

Sun 13th mostly cloudy and mild WW, sunny periods C & E Midlands where quite mild (Wellesbourne 5.9 hrs, Mumbles 13.2c, Hereford 11.5c)

Mon 14th in spite of a strong ridge of high pressure, some rain or drizzle in many places, especially Ceredigion, 7mm fell here at Llanwnnen, peak rate 34mm/ hr during a brief very heavy downpour this occurring with 1030mbar pressure! (Gogerddan 8.8mm wettest in UK). 17c reached in Aberdeenshire today

Tue 15th very mild night (minima Valley 12.8c, Shawbury 12.4c, Llanwnnen 12.0c)

Thu 17th showery, a squally trough produced an intermittent zone of damaging wind across Mid Wales late morning and then crossing Shropshire and Notts. Gust of 94mph recorded Aberystwyth RNLI station, numerous trees blown down, some roofs blown off and at Clarach Caravan Park caravans were upturned and destroyed. The experts deem this a very unusual and interesting event - see John Masons' excellent report here:

Fri 18th snow over the Peak District gave several inches in  places, a cold day, max generally 5 to 7c.

Sun 20th covering of snow over some high ground especially Brecon Beacons but also Shropshire and Peak District, a rather cold day, max generally 5 to 8c; an inch of rain parts of Midlands (Winterbourne 23mm)

Mon 21st wet day with snow over high ground of Wales; temps ranging from cold WW & the Marches to average much of Midlands. Over an inch of rain quite widely, very locally perhaps 4 inches/ 100mm, as suggested by the radar just west of Carmarthen and over parts of south Shropshire (Church Lawford 10.4c, Mumbles 6.3c, Llanwnnen 3.7c max, Whitechurch, Pembs 53.2mm, Pennerley, Salop 51.0mm)

Fri 25th virtually unbroken sunshine, mild WW after frost (Gogerddan 11.6c, Aberdaron, Llanwnnen 7.5 hrs sun)

Sat 26th a lot of cloud much of  Midlands, unbroken sunshine and excellent visibilty WW also Shropshire, we could faintly see the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland from Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth, 100 miles away, Fairly mild in the sun for WW (Porthmadog 11.4c, Aberporth 7.7 hrs, Llanwnnen 7.5 hrs sun)

Mon 28th unbroken sunshine parts of Midlands (Wellesbourne 7.4 hrs)

Tue 29th low minima and severe frost for many places. Here at Llanwnnen min -8.2c was the lowest reading since 29th December 2014 (-8.4c). Shawbury -6.8c, Capel Curig, Shobdon fell to around -6c. Unbroken sun in many areas (Aberporth 7.8 hrs) as daytime temperatures recovered towards average, although most had a rather cold day (Porthmadog 9.0c, Winterbourne 6.7c, Tirabad max 2.4c).

Wed 30th an even colder night in many places, a harsh frost indeed for November. Exceptionally low November temperatures in places, at Llanwnnen it was the coldest night since December 26th 2010 (-15.9c) and coldest in November since 30/11/10 (-11.0c). Other notable minima: Tirabad -9.7c, Shobdon -7.9c (to 0600). Another very clear sunny day, temperatures rather variable, generally on the cold side but some parts of WW a touch above average (Valley 9.7c, Trawsgoed 9.2c, Pershore 4.1c)

Nature notes

Large flocks of Fieldfare Wolvey, Warks 10th, these then also seen in WW. Wolvey, also a butterfly, probably Red Admiral flew across the field. Large flocks of Starlings also especially by dusk roost.
Fresh blooms of Red and Pink Campion in hedegrows of Ceredigion mid month, still some out towards month end.
25th Surprised to have a Pipistrelle Bat fly over my head dusk near Llanybydder, Carms.
26th Plentiful Gorse flower alongside the coast road to Aberystwyth and also some Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth where some Ox Eye Daisies also in bloom. Nice Starling roosting display at Aberystwyth pier as usual this time of year

November review

Rather cold with variable rainfall and sunshine

Below average temperature-wise.
The Midlands and parts of South Wales had a wet, locally very wet month, much of the rest of WW was on the dry side, some places only half the average, most unusual that Llanwnnen reported the lowest monthly total!
Most places attained average sunshine figures with some having a sunny month

Rainfall totals:

Valley 80.6mm 78%
Capel Curig 193.2mm 66%
Llanwnnen 69.9mm 47%
Aberporth 76.0mm 70%
Milford Haven 122.2mm
Llanelli 90.4mm
Mumbles 130.0mm 116%

Nottingham 76.4mm
Shawbury 78.8mm 129%
Hereford 112.2mm 175%
Coleshill 84.4mm
Coventry 82.4mm 140%
Long Lawford 77.9mm 126%
Church Lawford 75.4mm 125%

and sunshine:

Llanwnnen 93 hours 178%
Aberporth 73.7 hrs 117%

Shawbury 75.7 134%
Coventry 76.2 hrs 109%

Autumn 2016

Dry, quite sunny with near average temperatures

Driest Autumn since 2007 (220mm) just 62% of average.
A benign Autumn lacking storms and flooding (at least in the Lampeter area as the Aberystwyth area saw damaging winds 17th while parts of SW Wales saw bad flooding around 21st). Unusually for this Season at Llanwnnen no day had greater than an inch of rain!
No snow but severe frosts ended November, down to -11.0c 30th which was the lowest reading of any month since December 26th 2010. Marked progression from the Summer conditions of September to Winter by the end of November with a 9c drop in mean temperature at Llanwnnen over the 3 months.
The final week was very sunny accounting for 45% of the monthly total at Llanwnnen.

Autumn rainfall totals:

Llanwnnen 251.4mm 62%
Aberporth 214.8mm

Shawbury 150.2mm
Coventry 142.4mm
Long Lawford 139.1mm
Church Lawford 140.2mm

and sunshine:

Llanwnnen 307 hours 116%
Aberporth 306 hrs

Shawbury 308 hrs
Coventry 291 hrs