Sunday, 2 October 2016

Weather log September 2016

September 2016 daily log

Unsettled start with around average temperatures:

Thu 1st mist and fog locally around dawn soon cleared to spells of hazy sunshine, quite sunny parts of the Midlands. WW clouded over afternoon with some rain in places evening, this patchy rain also affecting parts the Midlands. Average to rather warm temps (Wellesbourne 22.7c, Pershore 22.0c, Llanwnnen, Mumbles & Trawsgoed 19.9c, Capel Curig16.3c, Shobdon 10.6 hrs)

Fri 2nd occasional rain over Wales and northern Midlands overnight, mostly dry south Mids, a rather warm sticky night (Pembrey Sands min 16.1c). Rather cloudy with a little rain or drizzle in places chiefy Midlands but many places having a dry day. with a few sunny intervals.  Better sunny spells as is often the case on Anglesey (Valley 7.5 hrs sunniest in UK). Temps around average (Pershore College 21.5c, various parts of Midlands 21c, Llanwnnen 19.9c, various WW 19c).

Sat 3rd bright start Midlands then cloudy with spells of rain, some heavy in all areas, WW especially had a wet morning. Some very heavy rain affected S Wales teatime with a few claps of thunder over S Pembrokeshire. Generally rather cool and quite windy . Highs mostly 17 - 19c, Shawbury 19.5c, Trawsgoed 19.4c) Over an inch of rain parts of WW (Pembrey Sands 34mm).

Sun 4th a little rain or drizzle in places overnight. Mostly cloudy, some brighter intervals, spits of drizzle chiefly affected WW, better sunny intervals East Midlands  Temps rather cool to average (Pershore College 20.3, Milford Haven 18.9c, Aberporth 16.1c).

Mon 5th some rain in many places overnight, this heavy at times parts of Wales and SW Midlands. Mostly cloudy, spits of drizzle in places, hill fog for WW. A humid day, rather warm generally, locally warm given sunny intervals in the lee of high ground such as Shropshire and parts of the Cardigan Bay coast, cooler for some exposed misty coasts such as Llyn Peninsular (Newport, Salop 24.0c, Aberporth 22.2c, Aberdaron max 16.7c)

Mostly dry and warm with sunny spells:

Tue 6th very warm night, breaking the September record in places no doubt, here at Llanwnnen the low of 16.7c equalled the highest minimum set 11/09/2011 (Shawbury min 18.8c, Trawsgoed 18.4c). Another warm and humid day, rather cloudy, a few sunny intervals, especially Midlands (Coleshill 25.6c, Trawsgoed 23.5c, Aberdaron 17.5c)

Wed 7th Warm night Midlands and parts of Wales (Nottingham min 18.1c, Mona 17.4c). Sunny spells, rather cloudy at times Midlands though. Warm or very warm (Llanwnnen 26.3c, Gogerddan 25.9c, Sutton Bonington 24.8c)

Thu 8th Some rain Wales overnight, few spots NW Midlands too. Cooler/ less warm fresher day, sunny intervals, a few showers for WW (Church Lawford 21.7c, Trawsgoed 19.2c)

Unsettled and cooler:

Fri 9th Rather cloudy, sunny intervals and a few showers, especially for WW. Windy, gales for exposed places WW.  Rain some heavy for WW evening. Quite warm Midlands (Wellesbourne 22.9c, Mumbles 19.8c, Aberdaron 17.3c)

Sat 10th Rain spread east to Midlands overnight, heavy in places. Warm night Midlands, being significantly warmer in the early hours than it was afternoon (e.g. Church Lawford 18.3c 0200 and only 14.3c 1400). Cloudy day with occasional rain or drizzle Midlands, mostly dry with sunny spells WW (Milford Haven 19.0c, Hereford 17.4c, Aberporth 15.9c)

Sun 11th Cool night, close to a grass frost very locally (min Llanwnnen 2.7c, Shobdon & Swyddffynnon 5.1c), also local mist and fog patches. Dry with sunny spells, and quite sunny much of Midlands and coastal Wales. Average to rather warm temps (Pershore College 20.3c, Mumbles 19.0c, Aberdaron 16.9c, Wellesbourne, Nottingham 10.4 hours sun)

Warm to hot spell mid month:

Mon 12th very mild night much of Wales in particular (Mumbles 16.4c min). Warm, humid but quite windy day, drizzle affecting WW at times where it was largely cloudy with some heavier bursts Pembrokeshire; mostly dry with sunny intervals Midlands (Pershore College 24.6c, Trawsgoed 23.0c, Aberdaron 18.9c)

Tue 13th mild to warm night (Mumbles & Pembrey min 17.5c, Nottingham 14.6c). WW some rain for a time, heavy in places, then brightening but with further showers, heavy in places. Western and northern coasts of WW remained mostly cloudy and much cooler. Hill and likely sea fog at times for Wales too, especially evening. Heavy downpours and thunderstorms affected the West Midands afternoon giving over an inch in some spots, for much of the Midlands though dry and hot with sunny periods (Northampton 30.3c, Nottingham 29.2c, Llanwnnen 22.7c, Pembrey 22.6c, Aberdaron max 15.8c). Gravesend, Kent reached 34.4c today - the hottest in the UK during September since 1911 and the highest reading recorded so late in the year!

Wed 14th mist and fog in places overnight, generally a very mild night. Very warm even hot with sunny periods, another day that late Season temperature records were broken. Llanwnnen reached 26.9c, this the warmest September day SRB 2006, the previous high being 25.6c 29/9/11, it went up further that Autumn to 26.4c 1st October! Interestingly today's temperature has not been bettered here even in August (highest being the same 10/8/12) an indication of the run of rather poor August's over the past decade. Other notable highs today were Porthmadog 28.3c, Church Lawford 27.6c, Trawsgoed 27.2c, Aberdaron 25.1c, all stations getting above 23c.

Thu 15th mist and fog quite widespread overnight, this slow to clear many areas, some places it stuck until after midday. Spells of hazy sunshine most places, WW average to warm, much of the Midlands very warm (Coton-in-the-Elms 26.4c, Astwood Bank 25.7c, Mumbles 23.4c, Valley 16.9c). 

Cooler/ less warm but often dry:

Fri 16th thundery showers affected parts of the Midlands late in the night, very mild night Midlands in particular (CL min 15.6c). Further showery rain over the Midlands Friday morning, not clearing the East until early afternoon. For much of the W Midlands and Wales mostly dry with sunny spells, much cooler and fresher with winds from the NW (Pershore 20.4c, Pembrey 17.8c, Aberporth max 15.7c, Northampton 20.6mm)

Sat 17th a little light rain and drizzle over the East Midlands overnight elsewhere most places dry. Dry and bright with sunny spells, quite sunny Marches, in contrast East Midlands remained cloudy. Temps rather cool to average generally but decidedly cool for the overcast E Midlands (Hereford 20.1c, Pembrey 18.9c, Aberporth & CL 15.5c, Northampton max 14.9c)

Sun 18th fog in places overnight which was cooler (Trawscoed 4.4c, Shobdon 5.7c). Generally dry and bright with sunny spells Midlands. Average to rather warm (Coleshill 20.7c, Mumbles 19.8c)

Mon 19th Some rain Wales overnight reached W Mids by dawn. Any drizzle cleared WW am, much of the Midlands had a dull day with spells of rain and drizzle. Wales and later Marches brightened. Mostly cool, especially E Mids (Porthmadog 18.4c, Hereford 17.4c, Coleshill 15.2c, Aberdaron 14.8c)

Tue 20th Cloud and sunny intervals, generally a dry day, temps around average, some spots quite warm (Coton-in-the-Elms 20.1c, Astwood Bank 19.6c, Church Lawford 18.8c, Llanwnnen 18.7c, Aberporth max 15.3c)

Wed 21st Cloud and some sunny intervals, a few showers. Around average temps, warm locally Midlands, rather cool parts of WW (Pershore College 21.0c, Trawsgoed 18.3c, Aberdaron 15.3c)

Thu 22nd Dry after a little early rain, sunny spells, cool to average (Pershore College 19.2c, Mumbles 17.4c, Capel Curig 14.1c)

Fri 23rd Mostly dry with sunny spells, the odd shower, average to rather warm (Pershore College 19.3c, Mumbles 19c, Aberdaron 16.2c)

Sat 24th Mostly cloudy, early sunny intervals Midlands, rather windy and rather warm/ warm (Wellesbourne 21.9c, Trawsgoed 20.7c)

Unsettled end to month

Sun 25th Sunny spells and showers, cool to average (Pershore College 19.3c, Valley 16.5c, Capel Curig 13.9c)

Mon 26th Generally  cool with spells of rain which cleared pm (Valley 16.6c, Pershore 16.3c, Nottingham 14.0c, Porthmadog 24.2mm)

Tue 27th Cloud and some drizzle especially WW, sunny intervals later. Average to warm (Hereford 21.6c, Llanwnnen  19.1c, Aberdaron 16.5c)

Wed 28th warm to very warm with spells of hazy sunshine Midlands, mostly cloudy with a little drizzle WW where average to rather warm temps (Northampton 23.8c, Trawsgoed 18.7c)

Thu 29th rain overnight especially WW, warm night Midlands (Pershore min 15.4c). Sunny spells and a few showers, temperatures around average, locally fairly warm (Pershore 19.3c, Pembrey 17.1c, Capel Curig 13.7c)

Fri 30th showers in places, especially parts of Wales where they were heavy and prolonged, much of Midlands dry with sunny periods. Rather cool to average temps (Hereford 17.6c, Mumbles 16.3c, Capel Curig 13.4c)

September summary

Warm but  quite dull; rather wet WW, rather dry Midlands

The Midlands had one of the warmest Septembers on record, the warmest in the Central England Temperature series being 2006, 2016 being 4th warmest in the past 350 years. Warm but not as warm for Wales, here at Llanwnnen it was the warmest since 2011, while Sept 2014 saw higher mean maxima (20.0c against 18.8c this year). 

It was a rather dull month virtually everywhere, only a few spots attaining average September sunshine levels. 

Rainfall-wise, much of WW on the wet side, conversely most of the Midlands somewhat drier than average

Rainfall totals:

Capel Curig 208.8mm 100%
Valley 88.2mm 123%
Llanwnnen 130.5mm 115%
Aberporth 98.2mm 139%
Pembrey Sands 143.6mm 184%
Llanelli 139.7mm

Nottingham 35.6mm
Shawbury 48.6mm 85%
Coleshill 52.4mm 85%
Long Lawford 43.9mm 79%
Church Lawford 46.2mm
Coventry, Bablake School 44.0mm 74%

and Sunshine:

Valley 129 hours 98%
Llanwnnen 93 hrs 75%
Aberporth 103.4 hrs 73%

Nottingham 122.6 hours
Shawbury 129.2 hrs 110%
Coventry 115 hrs 84%

Nature notes

Spent 5 days in Coventry early in the month, not one House Martin or Swallow sighting, came back they were still quite plentiful mid month about Ceredigion, especially the latter. 

A few Chiffchaff heard back in song in the Coventry area as well as around Llanwnnen early in the month, they often give little (albeit more subdued) bursts even as late as the beginning of October ahead or during their passage back to Africa. 

A 'Yaffle' heard at Alderman's Green, Coventry early in the month, a bird rarely if ever seen in West Wales (answers on a postcard please!). One then spotted near Coombe Park, Warks late month.

A few House Martin over Coventry toward month end, also a few Swallow sighted to late month they may well be migrating at this stage. No further Hirundines spotted back home after the 26th.