Thursday, 1 September 2016

Weather log August 2016

Changeable start with some rain but also some rather warm sunny intervals (especially Midlands):

Mon 1st dull and very cool with spells of rain WW, very wet much of SW Wales where some places had two inches. Anglesey mostly dry and nearer average. Midlands dry until late on with nearer average temps away from a cool SW Mids (Tirabad max 14.6c, Llanwnnen 14.9c, Valley 17.7c, Nottingham 19.4c, Church Lawford 19.2c, Mumbles 52.0mm, Pembrey 47.4mm, Milford Haven 38.6mm, Mona 0.4mm)

Tue 2nd cloudy and humid with bits and pieces of rain and drizzle, temps around average away from NW Wales which was still cool (Pershore College 22.7c, Trawsgoed 19.9c, Llanwnnen 19.3c Aberdaron 15.7c)

Wed 3rd warm night especially Midlands (min Pershore 17.0c, Church Lawford min 16.9c, Pembrey 16.6c). Quite a windy day with sunny intervals and a few showers, temps close to average (Church Lawford 22.2c, Pershore College 22.1c, Pembrey 18.9c)

Thu 4th sunny intervals and scattered showers, these very heavy in places, Long Lawford caught 14.1mm, most of which in just one hour late afternoon, nearby Church Lawford just 1.2mm. Temps again near average (Wellesbourne 22.3c, Pembrey 19.7c)

Fri 5th mostly dry with sunny spells and a few well scattered showers, fairly sunny day parts of Midlands; majority stayed dry. Temps around average so generally feeling quite warm (Hereford 23.7c, Llanwnnen 21.1c).

Sat 6th rather warm and humid with some sun WW for a time but  drizzle in places later; Midlands dry, warm and mostly sunny (Hereford 25.5c, CL 25.3c, Trawsgoed 22.0c, Aberporth 21.8c, Wellesbourne 13.5 hrs)

Sun 7th warm night especially so Midlands (CL min 18.4c, Pembrey 16.5c, Wellesbourne 13.5c hrs). Quite windy a windy day: sunny intervals WW after some early drizzle in places, temps near average to rather cool; Midlands another rather sunny and rather warm day if quite windy (CL 23.6c, Llanwnnen 20.3c)

Cooler towards mid month, often dry but some rain or showers:

Mon 8th mostly dry with sunny spells, just a few isolated showers affecting less than 10% of places. Anglesey having quite a sunny day. A cooler day generally with the NW breeze (Hereford 21.4c, Milford Haven 19.3c, Aberporth 16.1c, Valley 9.8 hrs)

Tue 9th cool night (Shobdon min 5.0c, Tirabad 5.2c). Mostly dry with sunny spells again, some showers mostly over North Wales/ North Midlands. Cool or rather cool and breezy (Pershore 20.6c, Nottingham 17.3c, Capel Curig 14.0c)

Wed 10th rather cloudy and cool with a little light rain or drizzle WW, the south coast saw a few sunny intervals and near average temps; Midlands mostly dry with a few sunny intervals but below average temps (Sutton Bonington & Wellesbourne 20.0c, Mumbles 19.2c, Aberdaron 14.4c)

Thu 11th some rain or drizzle parts of N Wales and  Mids overnight. Rather cloudy with a few sunny intervals by day which was generally dry, temps variable from cool to fairly warm locally (Shawbury 22.7c, Llanwnnen 19.8c, Trawsgoed 16.4c)

Fri 12th warm sunny periods for much of the Midlands, only the Marches seeing more in the way of cloud pm, in contrast mostly cloudy for much of WW (Anglesey decent sunny spells though) which kept temps generally below average. Some rain for NW Wales late in the day (Wellesbourne 25.6c, CL 24.8c, Mumbles 18.9c, Capel Curig 15.4c, Wellesbourne 11.9 hrs)

Sat 13th mild to warm  with night some rain in places, chiefly NW Wales (Hereford min 16.8c, Mumbles & Pembrey 16.3c). Mostly dry with sunny intervals, temps around or rather below average (Pershore College 23.5c, Pembrey 20.2c, Aberporth 17.0c)

Sun 14th a lot of cloud and a few sunny intervals. Fairly warm in best of any sun but generally below average temps, little wind (Pershore 21.7c, Milford Haven 20.1c, Aberporth 16.9c, Capel Curig 16.8c)

Short warm/ very warm spell with sunny periods mid month:

Mon 15th cool night (Shobdon 5.5c, Capel Curig 5.5c). Warm sunny day, locally very warm (Llanwnnen 25.9c, Coton-in-the-Elms 25.1c, Coleshill 25.0c,Trawsgoed 24.4c, Valley 13.7 hrs)

Tue 16th warm or very warm with virtually unbroken sunshine (Llanwnnen 26.7c, Porthmadog 26.0c, Trawsgoed 25.0c, Aberporth 24.9c, Hereford 24.8c, Nottingham & Shobdon 13.5 hrs)

Wed 17th warm or very warm with sunny periods, WW though became rather cloudy (Pershore 25.8c, Llanwnnen 23.3c, Valley 23.0c)

Thu 18th warm or very warm and humid; rather cloudy much of WW, sunny spells Midlands (Pershore College 25.9c, Trawsgoed 23.8c, Aberporth 19.9c)

Unsettled with rain at times for a while:

Fri 19th occasional rain or showers, heavy in places, brightened to sunny intervals later, cooler than of late especially so East Midlands; rather windy WW pm (Hereford 21.0c, Mumblers 20.3c, Nottingham 16.8c)

Sat 20th showers or longer spells of rain, very heavy over parts of Wales in particular, Snowdonia may well have had over 100mm according to the radar accumulation feature. Strong winds with storm force gusts for exposed parts of Wales (Aberdaron 62mph). Generally rather cool with a lot of cloud (Newport, Salop 20.9c, Valley 18.3c, Tirabad max 14.6c, Capel Curig 58.0mm)

Sun 21st sunny intervals at first but rain and drizzle spread east, some heavy over parts of Mid and North Wales but with little for much of the Midlands. WW rather cool, Midlands close to average (Coleshill 21.7c, Llanwnnen 18.8c, Capel Curig 15.9c)

Mon 22nd warm night with some rain or drizzle in many areas (Hereford, Pembrey & Trawsgoed min 17.1c). This mornings radar suggests up to 100mm in the hills just north of Barmouth past 24 hours. Cloudy with occasional rain and drizzle WW, Midlands mainly cloudy but mostly dry just the odd spit. Humid, supressed maxima WW Wales, warm Midlands where there were a few sunny intervals (Coleshill 24.3c, Trawsgoed 19.4c, various Welsh stations max 17.1c, Capel Curig 44mm)

Briefly very warm/ hot with plentiful sunshine:

Tue 23rd dry with plenty of sunshine, warm to very warm for WW, but a hot day over the Midlands (Wellesbourne 30.0c, Pershore 29.6c, Llanwnnen & Trawsgoed 26.3c)

Wed 24th variable cloud, sunny spells for most, and fairly sunny parts of East Midlands and NW Wales, while Herefordshire had a rather cloudy day. Very warm for the Midlands away from the Marches, WW broadly about average, but rather warm south coast. A little rain in places for Central and East Midlands late afternoon into the evening (Northampton 28.3c, CL 27.4c, Mumbles 22.8c, Aberporth 17.2c).

Mixed but generally rather warm and bright end to the month:

Thu 25th further rain crossed the Midlands overnight. Mostly cloudy day with some showery rain breaking out especially pm, some area stayed dry however. Temperatures generally about average, rather cool NW Midlands where it was a damp day, rather warm locally elsewhere (Northampton 22.7c, Llanwnnen 21.1c, Shawbury 18.1c, Aberdaron 17.4c)

Fri 26th rain cleared Midlands early hours to a much cooler night out west (Llanwnnen 6.9c, Shobdon 9.1c). Dry with sunny periods, average to rather warm, sunshine virtually unbroken over the East and South Midlands as well as Anglesey (Pershore College 23.4c, Llanwnnen 21.6c, Capel Curig 16.7c, Wellesbourne 11.6 hrs).

Sat 27th clear cool night away from exposed coasts and the SE Midlands where it clouded over (Llanwnnen 3.7c, Tirabad 3.8c, Shobdon 4.9c). Rather cloudy, the odd sunny interval, average to rather warm temps, better sunny spells for NW Wales though (Porthmadog 23.7c,Llanwnnen 22.7c, Wellesbourne 23.1c). Only the odd shower over WW, for the Midlands however, plenty of thunderstorms and torrential dowpours during the afternoon, localised flooding in places, there was large hail in places too. Officially Church Lawford wettest in the UK with 31.8mm, all of which fell in less than 3 hours, from private stations 33.8mm at nearby Long Lawford and 39.1mm near Stratford-upon-Avon, some places inc Birmingham escaped with very little rain. Thunder was continuous for over an hour at Long Lawford mid afternoon
Rainfall accumulations from radar Sat 27th Aug 2016

22000 lightning strikes Sat 27th Aug 2016

Sun 28th mild to warm night with a few showers about, although NW Wales saw prolonged heavy and thundery showers (Capel Curig 33mm). Sunny intervals and a few showers, locally heavy in places, average to warm temps (Shobdon 24.1c, Llanwnnen 22.7c, Aberdaron 17.2c, Hereford 16mm)

Mon 29th after a foggy start in places (like Llanwnnen) a fine Bank Holiday, dry with warm sunny spells, indeed for many a mostly sunny day (Pershore 23.8c, Llanwnnen 22.2c, Milford Haven 21.2c, Shawbury 11.9 hrs)

Tue 30th WW cloudy to sunny spells, Midlands had a mostly sunny day, warm away from exposed coasts where it remained mostly cloudy (Wellesbourne 24.8c, Trawsgoed 22.4c, Capel Cyrig 16.5c)

Wed 31st cloudy for a time as a weak front passed though, this giving a little rain and drizzle to WW at first, sunny spells at some stage everywhere. Average to rather warm temps (Pershore 23.8c, Llanwnnen 20.4c)

Nature notes

Last Swifts seen mid month, my latest observation being a pair over Coventry dusk of the 14th, I spotted some above Llanwnnen a few days previously then none since my return 20th though.

Lots of Cabbage or Large White Butterfly late month, other spp. inc Peacock, Red Admiral, Large Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood but not as prolific

Plenty of Dragonfly observed throughout the month, very few wasps other than the thriving colony at my Aunts in Coventry!

August 2016 summary: Changeable but rather warm

Midlands and Anglesey sunshine around average, but for much of WW, particularly inland locations, it was the third dull month of a very dull Summer!  Most places below to average rainfall, locally wet. It was though a reasonably warm Summer month somewhat making amends for the poor July.

Some rainfall totals:

Llanwnnen 65.1mm 60%
Trawsgoed c. 74mm 85%
Mumbles c. 85mm 101%
Llanelli 92mm
Pembrey Sands 87.4mm 97%
Capel Curig 210mm plus
Valley 60.2mm

Long Lawford 86.0mm 125%
Church Lawford c. 72mm 116%
Coventry, Bablake School 45.4mm 64%
Coleshill 47.2mm
Nottingham 68.2mm
Shawbury 42.8mm
Hereford 44.6mm 94%
Pershore 49.4mm
Little Rissington c. 33mm 58%

and sunshine:

Llanwnnen 120 hours (73%) estimated from webcam capture
Valley 167.7 hours 100%

Coventry, Bablake School 180 hours
Shawbury 175.2 hours 109%

Summer 2016 summary:  quite warm; sunshine below average with WW disappointingly dull; rainfall variable from quite dry to wet

Both June and August saw slightly above average temperatures making this a rather warm Summer. Sunshine below average virtually everywhere this Summer. Rainfall was variable even between places quite close to each other, some places having a dry Summer others a wet one. this illustrated by the 74% of average at Llanwnnen cf 137% at Trawsgoed less than 20 miles away, Snowdonia even wetter.

Rainfall totals:

Llanwnnen 204.6mm 74%
Pembrey Sands 271.0mm 113%
Trawsgoed c. 339mm 137%
Capel Curig 633mm 138%

Long Lawford 170.4mm 97%
Church Lawford c. 168mm 95%
Coventry, Bablake School 162.8mm 84%
Nottingham 248mm 135%
Coleshill 167mm
Hereford 108.2mm 79%
Little Rissington c. 125mm 74%

and sunshine:

Llanwnnen 353 hours 70%
Valley 524 hours 87%

Coventry 493 hours
Shawbury 456 hours