Friday, 5 August 2016

Weather log July 2016

Cool but often dry start to the month:

Fri 1st sunny intervals and a few showers,  cool and breezy. Thunder occurred near Montgomery (east of Offa's Dyke) and over parts of the North Midlands (chiefly around Derby and Nottingham (Pershore 19.6c, Llanwnnen 17.1c)

Sat 2nd rather cool, sunny intervals and a few showers, many places essentially dry. Parts of  Glos, Northants and the far North Midlands had thunder with the showers (Pershore 19.7c, Llanwnnen 18.1c, Aberdaron 15.2c)

Sun 3rd dry with sunny spells, temperatures up close to average away from western coasts which is reasonably warm. Cardigan Bay and the Marches had a sunny day, Aberporth had 15.1 hours bright sunshine compared with an estmated 6.5 hours here 10 miles inland (Hereford 22.4c warmest in UK, Llanwnnen 18.9c, Aberdaron 15.5c)

Mon 4th surprisingly cool night, close to grass frost Mid Wales and the Marches, the Llanwnnen air min being 2.2c, I did n't expect it so cool and so did n't put a sensor on the lawn, but a grass frost was quite likely! Coldest place officially was Tirabad, near Llandovery, min 2.8c, while Shobdon (Herefordshire) fell to 0c on the grass. Last year some places did have a July ground frost, on the 31st the air min was just +0.7c here at Llanwnnen with ground frost witnessed. Bright morning Midlands but jones WW with cloud pm with a little rain or drizzle over WW and later North Mids. Temps near or below average which is 18 -22c now at this the warmest time of year (Pershore College 21.1c, Aberporth 19.5c)

Tue 5th WW little rain overnight, mainly dry Midlands. Dry with sunny spells, most places rather cool but felt pleasant in the sun, South Mids near normal (Pershore 20.8c, Swyddfynnon 14.9c)

Wed 6th cool night (Llanwnnen 3.7c, Tirabad 4.5c). Generally dry with sunny intervals, near or below average temps  (Coventry 21.0c, Llanwnnen 19.8c, Capel Curig 15.4c)

Unsettled but generally warmer and quite humid for a time:

Thu 7th generally cloudy, light rain and drizzle at times, particularly WW with some heavy over Snowdonia (Capel Curig 28mm), parts of Midlands mostly dry with a few sunny intervals. Cool WW, nearer normal Midlands and quite humid (Little Rissington 20.9c, Aberporth 17.4c, Aberdaron max 14.7c)

Fri 8th rain at times overnight, only small amounts much of the Midlands, rather warm night (Pershore 15.5c, Pembrey 15.2c min). Dry day with some sunny intervals, temps near normal but a few spots fairly warm (Pershore 23.2c, Llanwnnen 21.4c, Trawsgoed 18.8c)

Sat 9th rather a warm humid night with some rain, especially over NW Wales and North Mids (min Pershore 16.0c, Mumbles 15.6c). Some heavy rain for Mid and North Wales and the Midlands morning, mostly dry and rather warm afternoon Mids, still cloudy with a little rain or drizzle WW and further rain here evening. Snowdonia saw high rainfall totals today, radar suggesting over 4 inches locally (Wellesbourne 23.6c, Trawsgoed 19.8c, Aberdaron 15.0c, Capel Curig 67mm wettest in UK)

Sun 10th warm night a little rain in places. Warmest night so far this year here at Llanwnnen, min 14.9c (Pershore 17.1c, Trawsgoed, Pembrey & Mumbles 15.7c). Mostly cloudy WW with occasional rain or showers, heavy in places, some showers for Midlands but many places stayed dry with sunny intervals. Temps close to average, wetter parts of WW cool though, parts of the Midlands rather warm and bright (Wellesbourne 22.8c, Trawsgoed 19.9c, Capel Curig 15.4c)

Mon 11th another very mild night (Nottingham 15.1c, Pembrey 15.0c) with occasional rain or drizzle, mostly WW, with Snowdonia having more heavy rain (Capel Curig 42mm 12 hours). Any lingering rain cleared morning leaving just the odd shower, much cloud but some sunny intervals. Cool to average temps (Pershore Collesge 21.9c, Capel Curig 14.8c, Pennerley, Salop max 13.9c)

Cool down, some rain Wales, Midlands often dry:

Tue 12th showers in places overnight, longer spells of rain, some heavy parts of North Wales into Shropshire. Rather cloudy, a few sunny intervals,  showers becoming restricted to the Midlands during the day, as ever with showers some places stayed dry all day. Cool or very cool (Hereford 18.9c, Mumbles 18.0c, Capel Curig & Coleshill max 14.9c, Pennerley 12.9c). It was the coolest day of the July to date here at Llanwnnen (max 15.7c)

Wed 13th cooler night (Shawbury & Shobdon 6.1c, Llanwnnen 6.3c). Sunny intervals and a few showers, temps still generally below average, especially close to Cardigan Bay with the NW breeze off the sea (Pershore 19.6c, Pembrey 18.3c, Swyddfynnon 15.3c, Pennerley 15.2c)

Thu 14th few showers overnight in places, a dry day with sunny spells, most places rather cool, decidedly so again for Cardigan Bay, while some sheltered areas scraped average (Pershore 21.7c, Pembrey 18.8c, Aberporth 15.3c)

Fri 15th mostly cloudy with a little rain or drizzle, this chiefly affecting WW, some heavier bursts over NW Wales for a time. Although we were in a rather warm humid airmass the cloud and moisture supressed temps and for much of WW another cool day, except where brief sunny intervals occurred as at Aberporth (Pershore College 22.1c, Aberporth 18.6c, Aberdaron 15.7c, Portmadog 16.4mm)

Sat 16th warm night (Notttingham min 17.2c, Trawsgoed 16.7c, Aberdaron 13.6c). Cloudy and generally cool day WW with some rain and drizzle, Midlands warm with some sunny intervals but drizzle in places evening (Coleshill 24.5c, Aberporth 18.8c, Aberdaron 14.9c)

Warmed up with brief hot interlude, plenty of sunshine:

Sun 17th warm night, less so N Wales & N Mids; a little rain or drizzle in places, an area of heavier inland from Aberysywyth (Coleshill min 17.0c, Mumbles 16.0c, Llanwnnen 15.8c was the warmest night so far this Summer, Trawsgoed 16mm rain overnight). Rather warm and humid day for many, best of the sunshine Midlands and Anglesey, with parts of WW still cool and  rather cloudy (Wellesbourne 26.7c, Llanwnnen 23.6c, Trawsgoed 20.6c, Aberdaron max 14.8c, Shawbury 13.3 hrs)

Mon 18th very warm, locally hot, and humid with sunny periods (Llanwnnen 28.3c, Hereford 28.0c, Trawsgoed 25.5c, Valley 19.3c)

Tue 19th a sudden heatwave for a day! Widely very hot, some places having the hottest day for 10 years. Here at Llanwnnen it reached 32.6c the second highest temperature recorded here and coincidentally the hottest day for exactly a decade (33.6c 19th July 2006)! Numerous places even on the coast exceeded 30c today, highest of all in our regions being Pershore 33.4c, while St Helier was hottest in the British Isles at 35.2c (Porthmadog 32.4c, Valley 32.2c, Gogerddan 31.8c, Trawsgoed 31.7c, Hereford 32.7c, Coventry 31.8c)

Wed 20th: Exceptionally warm night particularly for the Midlands where manty places remained above 20c. Coventry minimum 21.1c (70f) had its warmest night in a record stretching back to 1892, while the Llanwnnen min 17.5c was the warmest night in the 11 years we have lived here (17.2c 18th Aug 2012). Other notable minima, Coleshill & Pershore 21.3c,Trawsgoed 18.0c. Much of WW had a thunderstorm or at least saw lightning during the night, Gwynedd and Anglesey particularly affected with frequent lightning and torrential downpours (Aberdaron 21mm, 15.4mm of which in the hour to 0500 GMT). Storms cleared N Wales early in the day, much cooler but still generally warm with some sunny spells WW, still hot with sunny periods Midlands, a few showers and thunderstorms late afternoon here (Wellesbourne 30.3c, Coleshill & Pershore 29.9c, Llanwnnen 26.2c, Trawsgoed 21.9c)

Thu 21st cloud and sunny intervals, a few showers, although a more general area of light rain affected the south and east Midlands evening. Temps average to rather warm (CL 23.7c, Llanwnnen 20.8c, RAF Mona 20.2c)

Fri 22nd mostly dry, sunny intervals, alot of cloud though WW. A few showers, many places stayed dry and it was generally warm and very warm parts of the Midlands where there were better sunny periods (Winterbourne, B'ham 26.5c, Llanwnnen 23.9c, Mumbles & Trawsgoed 21.6c)

Sat 23rd dry with some sunny intervals WW, quite a sunny day much of the Midlands . Average temps, locally rather warm WW; warm to very warm Midlands (Northampton 27.2c, Church Lawford 26.8c, Llanwnnen 22.4c, Aberdaron 17.3c, Wellesbourne 11.7 hrs)

More unsettled, some rain or showers, especially Wales; temps dropped to around average Midlands, and often rather cool WW

Sun 24th bright start Midlands but a rather cloudy day with a some rain and drizzle especially WW and very little if any much of Midlands. Temps close to average only NW Wales having a cool day (Wellesbourne 22.9c, Church Lawford & Nottingham 22.3c, Llanwnnen 20.2c, Aberporth 19.4c)

Mon 25th rather cloudy again, bits and pieces of rain or drizzle over Wales, but most of the Midlands essentially dry again with sunny intervals. Temps near or rather below average (Pershore College 22.4c, Llanwnnen 19.4c, Capel Curig 15.9c)

Tue 26th cloudy with a little rain and drizzle WW, a few sunny intervals Midlands and mostly dry here again. Only slightly below average temperatures Midlands, cool for most of WW (Pershore College 21.7c, Llanwnnen & Pembrey 18.4c, Capel Curig 15.9c)

Wed 27th rather warm with rain at times in many areas overnight, some places though mostly dry (Pembrey & Pershore min 16.4c, overnight rain Trawsgoed 13mm, Shobdon 0mm).  Any patchy rain and drizzle cleared by lunchtime to sunny intervals, Midlands a rather warm humid day in contrast to a rather cool and fresher WW (away from south coast) with a NW breeze (Hereford 23.7c, Mumbles 20.4c, Aberporth 16.6c, Gogerddan 15.8mm)

Thu 28th occasional rain WW morning spread east to Midlands where it was mostly light and patchy afternoon although a few places caught a heavy shower or thunderstorm later as well as some sunny intervals. One storm tracked through Warwick and Leamington Spa giving 16mm in just 20 minutes at teatime (Facebook reports), the radar suggesting it gave over an inch as it progressed into Northants. Temps around average and so felt reasonably warm in any sun (Pershore 23.4c, Llanwnnen 21.3c, Aberporth 20.3c)

Fri 29th rather cloudy and quite cool most of WW with a few light showers, Cardigan Bay especially cool while proved the exception Anglesey with decent sunny spells. Sunny intervals and aome showers Midlands where temperatures were average to warm (Pershore College 24.4c, Church Lawford 23.5c, Milford Haven 18.7c, Aberdaron 16.2c. Swyddfynnon 15.9c max, Valley 9 hrs sun)

Sat 30th a cool night for Mid Wales and the Marches (Shobdon & Tirabad 6.6c, Llanwnnen 7.5c). Early local fog patches (inc Llanwnnen) cleared to sunny spells, just the odd isolated shower, most places having a dry day. Temperatures ranging from rather cool to average (Pershore 21.6c, Milford Haven 20.4c, Aberporth 17.0c)

Sun 31st cool night (Llanwnnen 5.7c, Pembrey 6.2c, Shobdon 6.7c). Cloud and sunny intervals most places dry. Temps around average so feeling warm in the sunshine (Hereford 22.4c, Pembrey 19.8c, Llanwnnen 19.6c, Aberporth 16.6c)

July summary

Headline: generally rather dry with temperatures around average; dull WW, near average sun Midlands

The first half of July was decidedly dull and cool, in fact the month ended up a very dull one for WW but closer to average for the Midlands. Only 2 days were truly sunny here at Llanwnnen all month (with at least 10 hours of a possible 15) and the total sunshine amounted just over half the July average.
Warmed up considerably second half with a brief hot spell, although the Midlands remained very warm for the best part of a week. Many places had the hottest day for a decade on the 19th as temperatures topped 32c in places.
Most places below average rain-wise, although NW Wales wet, locally very wet, parts of the Midlands on the other hand had a very dry month. A peculiarity of the month here at Llanwnnen was that although the total was only % of average it fell on 21 days usually in small amounts and so the grass was often too wet to cut even though much of a day may have been dry, the lack of sunshine not permitting the usual Summer evapotranspiration rate.

Some rainfall totals:

Valley 62.6mm 115%
Capel Curig 245.8mm 171%
Trawsgoed c. 95mm
Llanwnnen 52.9mm 52%
Aberporth c. 50mm
Pembrey Sands 38.4mm 52%

Nottingham 41.2mm 
Coleshill 15.4mm 31%
Coventry, Bablake School 17.0mm 29%
Long Lawford 18.2mm 33%
Church Lawford 18.6mm 31%
Hereford 3.4mm 8%
Little Rissinghton c. 17mm

and sunshine:

Valley 149.1 hrs 85%
Llanwnnen 106 hrs 59%

Shawbury 154.5 hrs 93%
Nottingham 170.1 hrs
Coventry, Bablake School 182.1 hrs 91%

June 2016 addendum

Halesowen, West Midlands, a station in the Climatological Observer's Link (COL) bulletin for June 2016 had 221.6mm total rainfall 364% of the average! This even more than at Harbourne, B'ham which as noted in the June blog had 188mm. 

Nature notes

Mid month: bird song as is typical as we progress through Summer had died down considerably early in July, just a smattering of Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Song Thrush and Blackbird remain to utter somewhat half-heartidly and briefly. Much concern over the Swift breeding success this dismal Summer, there were 4 or 5 nests with chicks audible at the Llanwnnen colony late June, struggling to hear any now, presuming most if not all may have met their fate with adults unable to procure sufficient insects given the predominance of cool, dull, breezy and damp conditions. There were plentiful screaming adults most of June, however they have been only infrequently observed during the past fortnight or so and in smaller numbers suggesting they have had a failed breeding season. This I find upsetting and unfortunate as this my favourite bird is on the decline as it battles our all too often poor Summers along with insufficient suitable nesting sites as our revamped and modern buildings are tightly sealed against them, along with whatever misfortunes they encounter during migration or wintering in Africa. Good news is that more and more people now provide Swift boxes (often with cameras to enjoy the antics) which Swifts eventually will take too given audio encouragement and can enjoy learning more about these marvellous mysterious 'Devil birds' !

Swift postscript: Good news: The hot spell just after mid month saw fantastic frenzied Swift activity, and I could hear chicks on 4 of the nests so nowhere near a disaster! Up to 14 screaming Swifts observed on the very hot evening of the 19th.

Mon 19th returned to the slopes of Mynydd Pencarreg in the hope of hearing Nightjars as in June but no luck, however there was a wonderful Grasshopper Warbler serenading the Full Moon as it was getting dark after 2130 and only 50 metres off the lane.

Tue 20th: Thought the heat had zapped the Hydrangea as when I arrived home in the evening all the blue flowers had wilted, however I gave it a good drink and in the morning it was right as rain!