Friday, 1 July 2016

Weather log June 2016

Weather log June 2016

Sharply contrasting fortunes west to east early in June:

Wed 1st warm and fairly sunny WW, in sharp contrast much of the Midlands very cool and cloudy with a little rain in places (Trawsgoed 22.3c, Coventry 12.4c, Nottingham 12.1c)

Thu 2nd again much of the Midlands cool and cloudy, Wales and the Marches rather warm and sunny! Much of WW virtually unbroken bright sunshine - perfect Summer weather (Porthmadog 22.2c, Llanwnnen 21.1c, Nottingham 12.5c, Valley & Llanwnnen 15.5 hrs sun)

Fri 3rd cool night with very localised grass frost (Shawbury min 3.3c, grass min -1c). Sunny once more Wales and most of the West Midlands and locally it was warm, in contrast yet again the East Midlands cool and overcast (Porthmadog 22.8c, Newport, Salop 21.3c, Church Lawford 14.7c, Valley 15.5 hrs sun)

A warm rather humid airmass then spread across England & Wales so easing the poor conditions over the Midlands:

Sat 4th mild night over the Midlands where some stayed above 13c. Rather warm and humid, much cloudier for Wales but at last a few glimpses of sun for the East Midlands ( Newport, Salop 22.2c, Valley 22.0c)

Sun 5th sunny spells eventually everywhere, warm or very warm, the odd isolated showers over WW later (Porthmadog 27.8c, Newport, Salop 23.7c)

Mon 6th very warm with sunny spells, the Midlands mostly sunny.  WW cloudier pm with many places catching showers or thunderstorms later, and there were also isolated late evening showers and thunderstorms over Worcestershire and Shropshire (Porthmadog 27.6c, Llanwnnen 26.5c, Newport, Salop 25.8c)

Tue 7th very mild night much of Wales some not below 15c (Valley min 15.8c). Cloudy with late sunshine WW and cooler, warm with sunny spells Midlands with thunderstorms in places pm here. Rugby and Northants experienced localised flooding during the evening (Coventry 25.4c, Aberdaron 15.9c)

Wed 8th very mild night Midlands (Nottingham min 14.9c). Most of WW dry, bright and warm, warm too Midlands but showers and thunderstorms in places once more, notably the Birmingham and the Black Country around teatime with disruption and damage caused by torrential rain and flooding with perhaps over 2 inches falling locally in less than two hours (Pershore 26.3c warmest in UK, Llanwnnen 23.4c, Winterbourne 32.6mm wettest in UK)

Thu 9th warm with spells of hazy sunshine, some heavy showers over Mid and North Wales and Shropshire (Llanwnnen 25.2c, Newport, Salop 24.5c, Trawsgoed 24.3c)

Fri 10th one of the warmest nights so far this year (min Mumbles 15.6c, Shawbury 15.2c, I classify above 15c as a warm Summer night!). Rather warm, mostly cloudy some rain later WW, sunny spells Midland. Thunderstorms broke out across the North Midlands in particular afternoon with localised flooding, almost an inch in less than 2 hours at Market Bosworth early evening (Pershore 24.1c, Llanwnnen 21.8c, Trawsgoed 21.2c, Market Bosworth, Leic 24.6mm)

Sat 11th still temperatures up to average even quite warm in places, rather cloudy with some sunny intervals, showers broke out and were especially heavy over the west and north Midlands (Llanwnnen 21.7c, Hereford 21.2c)

Sun 12th some rain or showers, with thunder for parts of Midlands late afternoon into evening, inc Coventry and Rugby areas, near normal temperatures (Hereford 22.2c, Llanwnnen 20.2c, Milford Haven 19.3c, Pershore 20mm daytime rainfall)

It has been the warmest start to June for a number of years, here at Llanwnnen no June has been warmer than this one in the 11 year year record but it may well cool down somewhat come month end. Mean temperature to June 12th 16.3c, previous warmest whole June 2007 (15.4c). However a cooler unsettled convective interlude then occurred mid- month:

Mon 13th cooler and mostly cloudy with some rain or showers, once more with localised very heavy downpours (Pershore 19.3c, Aberdaron 14.2c, Gogerddan 22.0mm)

Tue 14th generally rather cloudy and showery, some longer spells of rain, some prolonged torrential downpours and thunderstorms for parts of North Wales and the Midlands, the Birmingham area hit by flooding for the second time in a week a very few places escaped with a mostly dry day though. There were alos funnel clouds over various places including Rugby. Temperatures varied from decidedly cool around Cardigan bay to a rather warm feeling average for parts of the Midlands (Coton-in-the-Elms 20.4c, Aberporth max 13.4c, Market Bosworth 43mm, Porthmadog 33mm, Coleshill 32.6mm)

Wed 15th further showers or longer spells of rain, torrential with thunder in places once more. Parts of Birmingham may well have had 100mm/4 inches in the 24 hours to this morning as suggested by rainfall radar, with a PWS at Hodge Hill measuring just over 100mm, some places escaped generally dry and even bright however. More funnel clouds recorded todayTemperatures rather cool where cloudy and showery, around average if bright (Church Lawford 19.3c, Llanwnnen 18.9c, Porthmadog 40.6mm, Winterbourne 39.2mm, Pembrey 32mm by day, Valley 14.2 hrs sun)

Thu 16th another active day with widespread heavy showers and thunderstorms, and again some funnel clouds reported and photographed, however more places did remain essentially dry especially coastal WW and especially Pembrokeshire. Flooding in places again with some very large rainfall amounts locally, parts of Birmingham and the Black Country badly hit yet again. A PWS at Harbourne, Bham recorded 76mm today, bringing the June total thus far there to a staggering 155mm already compared with a modest 33mm at Long Lawford and a mere 12.4mm at RAF Mona! It felt pleasantly warm in any sunny breaks although most places were below the June average (Porthmadog 20.1c, Pershore 19.5c, Aberporth 15.0c, Winterbourne, Bham 50.4mm)

Rainfall distribution 24 hours to 1200 Fri 17th June 2016

Fri 17th generally a much drier day although still some few thundery showers about, especially the SW Midlands and around Swansea. Rather cool with a north breeze although some places still well up to average (Pershore 21.2c, Aberporth 14.3c, Mumbles Head 28mm)

Sat 18th dry but rather cloudy some sunny intervals, especially further west, many West Welsh coasts seeing decent sunny spells. Rather cool to near average (Hereford 20.3c, Pembrey 18.2c, Aberporth 14.5c, Valley 9 hrs)

Sun 19th mostly dull, fronts with spells of rain or drizzle spread east to all areas pm, rather cool and breezy (Wellesbourne 19.2c, Trawsgoed 17.9c, Aberdaron 14.1c, Capel Curig 39mm)

Mon 20th quite a warm night (Shawbury 15.8c, Trawsgoed 15.3c) with spells of rain affecting most ny dawn. Rain soon cleared WW but not the East Midlands until midday, sunny intervals and a few showers following. Maxima around average, although the SW Midlands was rather warm (Pershore College 22.6c, Pembrey 19.1c)

Tue 21st dry with sunny intervals eventually, Anglesey sunniest place in the UK, temps near or a little below normal (Hereford & Pershore 20.6c, Llanwnnen 18.7c, Valley 10.2 hrs)

Wed 22nd a little rain or drizzle in places, West Wales cleared to sunny spells, with Anglesey again sunniest in UK; temps around average, a few spots rather warm though (Astwood Bank 21.9c, Llanwnnen 21.3c, Valley 14.1 hrs)

Thu 23rd Midlands in mild air overnight, cooler air across Wales (Coleshill min 15.4c, Llanwnnen 7.1c). Contrasting fortunes, with WW dry with sunny spells while the Midlands was mostly cloudy with a little rain for parts of the East Mids. Anglesey blessed with another sunny day (Valley 14 hrs), Temps near or a little above average (Shobdon 22.5c, Llanwnnen 19.8c, Mumbles 19.5c, Aberdaron 16.0c)

Fri 24th sunny intervals and scattered showers, heavy in places, but many places stayed dry, near normal temps (Church Lawford 21.3c, Llanwnnen 19.2c)

A very poor end to the month ensued in contrast to the fine warm weather early in June:

Sat 25th showery and rather cool, WW drier pm, thunder for parts of Midlands inc Coventrty and Rugby, a funnel cloud being photographed over Coventry afternoon (Pershore 20.0c, Pembrey 18.9c, Aberporth max 15.5c, Swyddfynnon 18.8mm)

Sun 26th cool cloudy and rather wet Wales, light rain and drizzle spreading to most of the Midlands by evening, temps nearer average for much of the Midlands (Pershore 19.8c, Valley 14.3c)

Mon 27th dry and bright but rather below average temps (Pershore 20.2c, Pembrey 18.7c, Capel Curig max 14.8c)

Tue 28th cool, even very cool, breezy with rain at times, local thunder SW Wales teatime (Pershore College 18.7c, Aberdaron max 13.6c, Pembrey 21mm - 14.8mm of which 18-1900 during thunderstorm)

Wed 29th further spells of rain, especially WW during the morning, some very heavy downpours here, the rain lighter and more intermittent over most of the more southern Midlands Rain cleared later to just a few showers, but over an inch of rain fell onto some of the Welsh hills. Another  cool/ very cool and breezy day (Newport, Salop 18.5c, Little Rissington max 14.4c, Tirabad, near Llandovery 31mm)

Thu 30th  occasional rain, chiefly for Wales, very little for much of the Midlands. Cool/ very cool WW, nearer normal temps Midlands  ( Wellesbourne 19.8c, Capel Curig 13.6c)

June 2016 review: fine start but deteriorated; fairly warm overall but generally dull and wet.

Rather a warm June, around 1c above average, this due though to the mildness of predominantly cloudy nights, with daytime warmth at a premium after the first 10 days and there was a distinct lack of that mythical 'Glorious June' heat! For example Llannwnen only one day got above 20c after June 12th!
All areas had a wet month, some only marginally above average, while some had well over twice the June average.
Sunshine: dull especially so the Midlands, only a few coastal spots of WW attaining average levels. The duller parts of the Midlands barely had 100 hours, little over half the average sunshine, compared with just over 200 hours at Valley, Anglesey.

Some June rainfall totals:

Capel Curig 176.6mm 132%
Trwasgoed c. 170mm
Llanwnnen 86.6mm 127%
Aberporth 75.6mm 129%
Pembrey 115.2mm 152%
Llanelle PWS 102.6mm
Mumbles 130.8mm 205%

Nottingham 139.0mm 220%
Shawbury 118.8mm 223%
Harbourne, B'ham PWS 188mm
Coleshill 105.0mm 167%
Coventry, Bablake School 100.4mm 148%
Long Lawford 66.2mm (adjusted) 128%
Church Lawford 76.9mm 143%
Hereford 60.2mm 133%
Little Rissington 74.6mm 142%

and sunshine:

Valley 205.3 hrs 114%
Llanwnnen 127 hours 78%

Nottingham 113 hours
Shawbury 126.2 hrs 81%
Coventry 130.6 hrs

Nature notes

Thu 2nd first Foxgloves in flower at Laugharne then Fri 3rd noticed  a few in flower while cycling in the Lampeter area. First Whitethroat heard about this time then by the 10th they could be heard singing widely so perhaps were late arriving this Spring.

Mid month luxuriant lush growth after the warm dry start to June and subsequent rains. Foxglove out profusely, few Butterflies as yet this Summer though. Still the odd Bluebell in flower in the countryside higher up. Nice show of Laburnam next to produce its supposedly deadly poisonous seeds!

Fri 17th Grasshopper Warblers heard Mynydd Pencarreg slopes, also Nightjars seen in display flight and heard churring after dusk same area

Late June: Song Thrushes singing as late as 2220 when its getting quite dark. Swifts seen flying and feeding until this time too, and in addition this is when the Owls start hooting and calling. Poor weather last few days of June hardly any Swifts seen, hopefully the young in the nests are getting enough food and warmth. Some Foxglove have completely seeded with no flowers left on stem, most though still have flowers appearing towards stem tops still.