Friday, 18 March 2016

Notable weather mid February to mid March 2016


Sun 14th at least a ground frost in most places. Mostly dry with sunny spells. wintry showers into NW Wales evening. Temps slightly below average (Porthmadog 7.9c, Shobdon 6.2c, Capel Curig 6.7c, Wellesbourne 6.6hrs sun)

Mon 15th frosty night (Trawsgoed -3.9c, Church Lawford -1.6c). Mostly dry with sunny periods, chilly NE breeze (Milford Haven 7.2c, Astwood Bank 7.2c,). Almost unbroken sunshine for much of the Midlands (Shobdon 9.2 hrs)

Tue 16th a sharp frost in most places (Hereford -6.4c, Llanwnnen -6.1c) although this had mostly lifted by dawn across WW as the cloud and breeze picked up. Mostly dry with some sunshine (and sunny much of Midlands), although a little light rain in placesWW pm. Temperatures around average but with quite a cold wind (Milford Haven 8.9c, Little Rissington 5.7c lowest max)

Wed 17th quite a wet day for most although the rain cleared WW by evening, it turned rather cold during the day (Pembrey 7.9c, Nottingham 4.1c, Whitechurch 34.4mm)

Thu 17th clear spells and frosty away from cloudier East Mids (Llanwnnen -4.8c). Sunny spells and a few brief showers (mainly WW), temps around or slightly above average (Mumbles 8.9c, Pershore College 8.9c). Almost unbroken sunshine much of Midlands.

Fri 18th widespread frost, a few showers still mainly WW with hail and sleet. Sunny morning Midlands, WW mostly cloudy with rain at times..

Sun 21st very mild, Pershore 15.0c, 

Wed 24th cold night, Llanwnnen min -6.7c, Hereford -6.1c. Lovely sunny day but a few wintry showers about by evening.  9 hours sun in places inc Llanwnnen.

Thu 25th frost and fog, a few wintry showers, sprinkling here at Llanwnnen first thing just about provided the one and only day of 'snow lying' of Winter 2015/16!

Nature notes: colder more average Feb slowed the progress of an early Spring however many Daffs in bloom by this the month end. Snowdrops still out but passing. Birdlife most active and certainly now in Spring breeding mode. 

February saw close to average temperatures and was rather wet and dull especially across Wales

Winter 2015/16 second mildest on record in the CET series back to 1659 also very wet and the wettest on record for Wales. Largely snowless below 1000 feet.


Tue 1st very mild Pershore College 15.6c

Wed 2nd rather cold wintry showers, slight snow coverings some high ground temporarily

Fri 4th wintry weather in parts, especially N Mids and North Wales with several inches over hills (up to a foot over parts of Peak District). Wintry mix am Llanwnnen gave thin slushy covering, coverings parts of lowland Midlands evening inc Coventry but soon thawed. Rather cold (Nottingham max 3.5c, Capel Curig 4.2c)

Mon 7th sunny Midlands, Wellesbourne 10.8 hrs sunniest in UK, this after a frosty night

Tue 8th/ Wed 9th very wet Midlands, second wettest March day Bablake with 27.8mm (31.2mm 1919 ), Lon Lawford 31.4mm (meas 0830) wettest day for several years there..pretty severe flooding Warwickshire..virtually all the rain fell after midnight therefors 9th credited to 8th March.. Church Lawford wettest place in the Midlands with 35.6mm (2100)

Thu 10th sunny, almost unbroken over WW (Llanwnnen 10 hrs est)  in contrast to a cloudy in places damp and chilly Midlands (max Mumbles 13.2c, Church Lawford 6.8c)

Fri 11th sharp hoar frost WW and Marches (Llanwnnen -4.7c, Shawbury -4.7c coldest in UK)), foggy night much of Midlands but mild, sunny pm

Sun 13th very mild sunny WW (Porthmadog 15c, Llanwnnen 14.9c)..

Tue 15th local frost (Llanwnnen -2.4c). Contrasts warm sunshine WW, cool cloudy East Midlands (Llanwnnen 15.8c, Nottingham max 7.2c)

Fri 18th dry and mild WW over a week now and often sunny, temps up to 16c, cooler Mids, esp E Mids with some days cloudy and decidedly cool here (not above 7c). Some sharp overnight frosts though, min last night Llanwnnen -5.4c, Pershore -3.4c..

Nature notes mid March: coolish start to March pegged back Spring somewhat, so that Daffs as they should be were still proliofic, Snowdrops fading fast. No migrants as yet, Chiffchaff or Sand Martin are our earliest arrivals typically getting here mid March.