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Weather guide Monday 6th to Saturday 12th July 2015

Last weeks review: Generally warm and sometimes hot with some thunderstorms

Dry and warm with sunny spells Monday (Hereford 24.4c, Llanwnnen 22.0c, Trawsgoed 21.9c). Very warm and sticky across Wales Monday night most places no lower than 15c (warmest Trawsgoed min 16.5c), although parts of the Midlands did dip down to a more refreshing 10c with clearer skies here. Hot, sunny and quite humid on Tuesday, the final day of June, as the heat arrived from North Africa. Remarkably hot for June across West Wales, the hottest June day I have recorded in 10 years at this location reaching 28.8c (previous best 28c in June 2006) and even on the Welsh coast some spots topped 27c (81f)! Some max temperatures for Tuesday:

Capel Curig 26.7c, Aberdaron 25.0c, Trawsgoed 28.3c, Llanwnnen 28.8c, Aberporth 27.2c, Pembrey Sands 27.7c, Church Lawford 28.3c, Coventry 28.6c, Coleshill 29.4c, Pershore 29.9c, Little Rissington 27.9c and Hereford 28.7c.

An exceptionally warm night followed Tuesdays heat, parts of WW remained above 20c 68f all night with Gogerddan, near Aberystwyth having an overnight 'low' of 22c which was the highest minimum in the UK!  Hot again Wednesday although WW turned much cooler and cloudier with showery rain and thunderstorms in places afternoon. Very hot over the Midlands where it was mostly sunny with many places reaching 32c 90f and it was the hottest day since July 2006.  London Heathrow reached 36.7c 98f  Wednesday - the hottest ever temperature recorded in July in the UK while Paris touched 40c 104f! Some other max temperatures  Wednesday:

Nottingham 33.9c, Hinckley 33.4c, Coventry 32.9c, Wellesbourne (Warks) 33.7c, Church Lawford 32.7c, Little Rissington 32.2c, Capel Curig 27.1c, Trawsgoed 27.8c, Llanwnnen 27.7c.

Cloudier and cooler everywhere for Thursday, some rain in places from the leftovers of storms that affected Biscay and France the previous night, although parts of the Midlands stayed largely dry, and it ended up nice and sunny over WW. Best temperatures Thursday 24c in the East Midlands and back to cool levels along some coasts, Aberdaron max just 15.7c coolest of all. Thursday night refreshingly cool down as low as 5c for some rural spots. Back to more general warm sunny spells for Friday with the humidity building again during the afternoon and with even coasts joining in the warmth (Little Rissington 25.5c, Llanwnnen 24.5c, Aberporth 23.6c). Some showers and thunderstorms in places Friday night these widespread and quite severe with spectacular lightning over the central and eastern Midlands in the early hours of Saturday. There were apparently 93,000 lightning strikes over the UK during the Friday night! 22mm rain at Nottingham Friday night, but no doubt some even greater falls would have missed the rain gauge network.

Pleasant with some sunshine and quite warm Saturday, most of the Midlands above 23c (Church Lawford 25.2c, Trawsgoed & Llanwnnen 20.7c)

Remarkably hot June day at Llanwnnen max 28.8c
Hot at last in June!
Hot Wednesday

Lightning Midlands Sat 4 July 2015

June review

June was prevented from being a rather cool month by the warm spell at the end which culminated in temperatures into the 80's f and brought temperatures close to the average. At Llanwnnen we experienced a rare June air frost early on the 8th with a low of -1.0c. It was rather dry (some places had under half the monthly rainfall average) with only the Nottingham/ Leicester area wetter than normal this due to the one very wet day. Sunshine levels generally above average especially for Shropshire (236 hours at Shawbury), so not so bad a month! Some June rainfall totals with % of average where available:

Valley, Anglesey c. 20mm
Capel Curig c. 63mm
Trawsgoed c. 55mm
Llanwnnen 52.9mm 79%
Pembrey Sands c. 34mm
Milford Haven 56.6mm
Hereford 20.0mm 44%
Nottingham c. 60mm
Coleshill 34.4mm 55%
Coventry, Bablake School 38.4mm 65% = driest June since 2008 (37.2mm)
Long Lawford, Warks 37.1mm 74%
Church Lawford 42.4mm 76%
Pershore c. 25mm

The week ahead

Headline: Unsettled to midweek, then becoming drier and warmer

Sunny intervals and showers this Sunday afternoon, there has been thunder over parts of WW this morning and some thunder to come for parts of the Midlands this afternoon. Highs feeling quite warm at 19 to 22c, best East Midlands. Showers clear away this evening and a dry night down as low as 9c in the countryside. High pressure close to SE England Monday but with a low close to Ireland. The Midlands getting away with a mostly dry and rather warm day with sunny intervals bar a few light showers, but mostly cloudy with occasional rain for WW as fronts cross the region. Maxima ranging from 16c for a dull, damp and windy Snowdonia, 18c over the rest of WW and 22c for the brighter parts of the Midlands. A fresh SSW wind everywhere by evening as a cold front brings further rain across Wales this extending to the Midlands overnight, minima Monday night a mild 12 to 14c.

Rain lingers into Tuesday morning over the Midlands then a breezy day of sunny intervals and showers, some heavy and thundery, highs about the July average being 18 to 20c WW and 20c to 22c Midlands. Still a few showers during Tueday night especially Wales. Pressure is low over Scandinavia during Wednesday with cool NW winds across the UK, another day of sunny intervals and showers, some heavy and thundery driven by brisk NW winds, highs 15 to 17c WW, and 18 to 20c Midlands. Most of the showers dying out on Wednesday night with clearing skies, cool minima of 5 to 8c.

High pressure moving into southern Britain for Thursday which looks a mostly dry and bright day, best of the sunny spells for the Midlands, highs of say 19 to 22c are around average and therefore quite warm. The high perhaps edging to our east during Friday so warmer southerly winds could be wafting up, so dry with sunny spells and warm, locally very warm with maxima between 22 and 26c. Just the chance of thundery showers in places by evening. Its looking a bit of a mixed bag next weekend, there will be some dry, bright and warm weather but equally some rain or showers about, although not everywhere catching these wetter spells and certainly no washout!

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