Sunday, 8 March 2015

Weather guide Monday 9th to Sunday 15th March 2015

Headline: Changeable: rain and wind at times with dry bright spells too, some frost

Last weeks highlights

A chilly if not so cold start to last week, with some wintry showers, snow reported across parts the West Midlands on Monday morning, and with inch or two lying over the Brecon Beacons and Peak District on Tuesday morning, nothing out of the ordinary though for March in the UK! There were decent dry, sunny spells too early in the week, but it did feel cold in the wind.  Wednesday saw plentiful sunshine and was largely dry and although still a bit chilly in the wind a few spots did manage 10c. Slight frosts by night too last week at times but from Thursday it became milder. Mild but windy on Friday, Hereford 15c, most places getting above 11c. Even warmer on Saturday for the Midlands at least and sunny too, Hereford again top spot at 17.2c (63f) with many places above 15c, a mostly cloudy and windy day for West Wales (WW) however. A dry week overall, with virtually no precipitation anywhere from Wednesday to Saturday.

The week ahead

A wet Sunday morning across WW, this (by then) light rain progressing across the Midlands during the afternoon, but clearing WW to leave a mainly dry, bright afternoon here. Maxima Sunday 10c this morning for WW and 13c for the East Midlands this afternoon. Any rain dies out this evening over the Midlands then to clear spells with a slight frost down to -2c in places, although this will have lifted from Wales by dawn as it clouds over.  All change again Monday as a rather nasty little low passes close to Scotland. A mostly cloudy and windy day with rain at times, especially over Wales, maxima 10 to 12c.  This rain clears away by evening from most places although some could still be affecting the South Midlands to around midnight. Clear spells with a fairly widespread ground frost on Monday night, but probably too much cloud hanging on across the South Midlands below Coventry.

High pressure then temporarily resides over us for Tuesday which will be quite a pleasant dry and bright day with sunny spells and gentle breezes, highs of 10 to 12c which is fairly mild for March. There could be a ground frost for the Midlands on Tuesday night but too much cloud for this over WW as weak fronts eventually push in bringing some rain and drizzle by dawn. After a dry morning for much of the Midlands Wednesday is mostly cloudy and breezy with rain at times, this mostly quite light though, but perhaps little if any for the East Midlands, temperatures again reaching between 10 and 12c. There should then be another dry interlude overnight Wednesday as the rain clears through.

Further rain fronts coming through during the course of Thursday, so although it may flatter to deceive first thing it will cloud over with more rain at times afternoon into the evening, and probably another rather mild day if quite windy. Friday sees a return of high pressure, so dry and bright with temperatures close to average (9 to 11c). There may well be a frost for Friday night.

Next weekend strong signs that blocking high pressure sets up over Scandinavia, so a dry weekend is in prospect. Hard to predict cloud amounts as winds look like being between ENE and SE, the more SE then the better prospects for sunshine, in any event WW most favoured to see the brightest conditions next weekend, with the Midland getting duller skies at times. There will be a chilly breeze as an easterly is coming from off a cold North Sea, and where dull it will be rather cold (say max 7c), but where bright temperatures up to the average (max 10 or 11c). If clearances permit then slight overnight frosts are a possibilty.

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